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Dispel Confusion Vol. 2, No. 4
December 2006

If you have specific questions regarding the Living Greyhawk campaign, please post your questions on the official Living Greyhawk message board forum, located on the Wizards community boards.

All other questions regarding Dungeons & Dragons or the RPGA should be submitted though our customer service Knowledge Base, where you can reach our staff, or your question may already be answered online.

All references to the three Dungeons & Dragons core rulebooks refer to the version 3.5.

Much of the information in this FAQ will be added to the next version of the Living Greyhawk Campaign Sourcebook. This Dispel Confusion has clarifications and errata regarding animal companions, Small item access, the ruathar prestige class, calculating time in Red Hand of Doom, masterwork equipment access, adaptable adventures, NPC spellcasting, and spell access changes. As always, all such updates are effective immediately from the date of this document’s publication.


Q: I have access to mithral full plate. Does that mean I can buy mithral full plate barding for my horse?

A: No; barding is not exactly the same as normal armor. Barding is armor made for mounts and entails special rules (PH 131). Similarly, all armor found on adventure records is assumed to be of the humanoid variety, unless specified otherwise. All animals (even apes) require nonhumanoid armor, which costs double the price of humanoid armor (PH 123). To buy special nonhumanoid armor, barding or otherwise, you would need a liberally worded favor, such as “access to one suit of armor,” or an explicit entry on an adventure record. Centaurs are an exception to this rule, per the Blight on Bright Sands Sourcebook.

Q: If I found access to mithral full plate with my halfling, can I buy a small suit?

A: Yes. Small characters have access to small versions of items they find, just as centaurs have access to large versions of items they find. So, if your gnome finds a gnome hooked hammer, he can buy a small version of it. If your halfling finds access to mithral full plate, she can buy a small suit.

Q: Characters with the Bright Desert as their home region gain access to many items in Sandstorm. Does this access include masterwork access?

A: Yes.

Q: What type of item may I receive from the gift of the elves ability of the ruathar prestige class from Races of the Wild?

A: The gifts are limited to those explicitly listed in the description of the ability.

Q: In Red Hand of Doom, how do we calculate the amount of time that has passed if there are different players present in different parts of the adventure?

A: On each adventure record for Red Hand of Doom, the DM should note how much time has passed. For future parts of the adventure, use the average time elapsed between all party members. For example, if three party members took seventeen days to complete the previous parts, while the other three party members took nineteen days, assume eighteen days have passed.


Q: If I have access to a special weapon or suit of armor on an AR, does that include masterwork access? What about from my metaorganization or through a favor?

A: Access to items through favors or metaorganizations always includes both normal and masterwork varieties. Access to items found during an adventure only includes what is explicitly listed on the AR.

Q: Can I craft items after an adaptable adventure? After an adaptable adventure, can I buy items to which I have core access? Can I bring my cohort along on adaptable adventures?

A: Yes. Treat Adaptable adventures as core adventures for these purposes.

Q: My paladin was dominated and forced to commit evil acts. The DM took away my paladinhood. Can I have an NPC cast atonement for me?

A: Yes. Add (Atonement; Caster Level 9th; Cost 450) to Table 6-3: Spell Costs in the Living Greyhawk Campaign Sourcebook. Only castings of this spell that do not require XP expenditure are available in this way. For all other uses of atonement, you must contact your local triad.

New NPC Only and Restricted Spells

The following spell from Spell Compendium is now NPC Only: divine insight.

The following spells from Spell Compendium are now restricted: bite of the werebear, bite of the wereboar, bite of the wererat, bite of the weretiger, bite of the werewolf, consumptive field, greater consumptive field, ray of stupidity.

If you gained access to any of these spells, you must immediately replace them with legal spell choices. If you have questions regarding alternate choices, contact your local triad.

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