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Dispel Confusion Vol. 3, No. 3
March 2007

If you have specific questions regarding the Living Greyhawk campaign, please post your questions on the official Living Greyhawk message board forum, located on the Wizards community boards.

All other questions regarding Dungeons & Dragons or the RPGA should be submitted though our customer service Knowledge Base, where you can reach our staff, or your question may already be answered online.

All references to the three Dungeons & Dragons core rulebooks refer to the version 3.5.

This issue addresses questions and some springing from the new LGCS.

Q: If I have Power Attack and Cleave, can I retrain my Power Attack feat for some other feat, losing the benefit of Cleave?

A: No.

In the final version of a retrained character, all prerequisites for feats and other options must be satisfied (as if the retrained character had advanced normally).

Q: What exactly is an "enhancement’ for weapons and armor?

A: Enhancement refers strictly to the number bonus on weapons and armor. Other abilities, such as flaming or slick, are called Special Abilities.

Q: Can I upgrade a standard item into a nonstandard item?

A: Not without campaign documentation.

This was an oversight in the formulation of the rule in the LGCS. Without campaign documentation, the limit to standard items on upgrading applies both to the before and after item.

Q: Can I add light fortification to my bracers of armor?

A: Not without campaign documentation.

Bracers of armor are wondrous items, not armor. The core rules for crafting armor and wondrous items do not allow for the addition of armor enchantments to wondrous items. The rules for adding Special Abilities to bracers of armor are a sidebar entry in Arms & Equipment Guide (AEG) This means that it is a rule from a non-core book, it is not from a v.3.5 book, and it is a sidebar entry. Those are three strikes against it being used in Living Greyhawk. As such, you need very specific access to be able to use those rules. Here is how this translates into the LG crafting rules:

  1. Using the rules does not make the bracers nonstandard. They are still eligible for upgrades, assuming the upgrade is legal.
  2. A crafter would need access to use the rules in AEG and access to the upgrade they want to add to their bracers.
  3. A non-crafter would need access to use the rules in AEG and access to purchase an upgraded version of the bracers they currently own.
  4. A crafter can upgrade the armor bonus on bracers that have previously used this favor, as long as the item is still standard.
  5. A non-crafter would have to find specific access to bracers of X+Y and Z to be able to upgrade their bracers of X and Z.

Q: Can I upgrade my +2 holy adamantine pick to +3 without extra documentation?

A: Yes.

As long as it is still a standard item, you can upgrade the enhancement bonus of the pick. The distinction here is that the enhancement bonus is Open; it is not something you are gaining access to via a found item. Since the bonus itself is Open, you need only have a standard item to be able to upgrade the enhancement bonus.

Q: Does it matter for upgrading what material my weapon is made of?

A: Yes, for a non-crafter. No for a crafter.

If you are hiring an NPC to upgrade something other than an enhancement bonus, you must find access to purchase an upgraded version of the lesser item. According to the LGCS, “If the difference between two magic items is merely an improvement in the basic abilities of the item, it is considered an upgrade.” If you have a +1 adamantine longsword and find a +1 holy longsword (steel by implication), there is more of a difference between the two magic items than “merely an improvement in the basic abilities of the item”. This precludes hiring an NPC to upgrade your +1 adamantine longsword with holy. The same restrictions would apply to composite longbows with different Strength bonuses.

Q: Can I rebuild my 13th-level druid into a 12th-level duskblade/1st-level druid and then purposely die, losing my druid level?

A: No.

This would be considered abuse of the rules, as the rules clearly intended you to keep some form of druid with the rebuild. Such abuse could be considered a violation of RPGA General Rules and may be punishable according to the RPGA Penalty Guidelines. To help guide your choices and avoid problems, assume that your 1st level was druid.

Q: How many spells can I copy into a Boccob’s blessed book after each adventure?

A: Use the rules for Learning New Arcane Spells from the LGCS.

The LGCS states that, “wizards may attempt to add to their spellbooks as many new arcane spells as they have wizard caster levels”. This may be extended to copying spells from your own spellbooks into your Boccob’s blessed book.

Q: How do I record my gift from the Ruathar prestige class?

A: Note it on your MIL with a cost of 0 gp.

Q: Can a centaur wear boots?

A: No.

Centaurs do not have the anatomy necessary to wear boots, sandals, slippers, or other humanoid footwear; however, they can wear any gear intended for equines, such as horseshoes.

Q: Can I use two copies of the Hero’s Strike card in one adventure?

A: Yes.

The LGCS says that, “No button or card may be used more than once in any adventure, regardless of the number of rounds.” This is a limit on physical buttons or cards, not on types of buttons or cards.

Q: Can I spend overcap gp before I get it?

A: No.

Gold pieces in an adventure that is over the cap can only be spent after the gp has been received. If you spend money before you get the gp, it comes out of your personal gp. If you spend money after receiving gp in the adventure, but before surpassing the cap, you risk not finding enough gp to exceed the cap and receiving less gp than the cap at the end of the adventure.

Q: If I had Divine Metamagic and, due to the loss of Divine Metamagic in the latest LGCS, am no longer able to use the associated metamagic feat, can I retrain the metamagic feat as well?

A: Yes.

If the loss of Divine Metamagic makes you completely unable to use the associated metamagic feat, you may also immediately retrain the associated feat for free. You must be completely incapable of using the associated feat; a decrease in effectiveness, desirability, or likelihood of use does not qualify.

Q: If I had multiple animals that I used for combat before the most recent LGCS, can I sell the extra animals for full value?

A: Yes.

If, for example, you had four riding dogs and are now only allowed to bring one for combat purposes, you may sell the extra three riding dogs for full purchase value.

Q: Can I use a bracelet of friends to summon an NPC?

A: No.

You must have campaign documentation to be able to attune one of the charms to an NPC.

Q: Are Dispel Confusion articles that were released before the most recent LGCS still valid?

A: Yes.

There are several entries in past Dispel Confusion articles that are still valid. As long as the entry does not contradict the current LGCS, assume that it is still valid. Most entries were incorporated into the latest LGCS, but there are some lengthy clarifications that are still useful but not appropriate for the LGCS.

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