Dispel Confusion07/03/2007

Dispel Confusion Vol. 3, No. 4
July 2007

If you have specific questions regarding the Living Greyhawk campaign, please post your questions on the official Living Greyhawk message board forum, located on the Wizards community boards.

All other questions regarding Dungeons & Dragons or the RPGA should be submitted though our customer service Knowledge Base, where you can reach our staff, or your question may already be answered online. Please note that answers received through these channels are considered merely advisory until they appear in the official FAQ or Errata. All references to the three Dungeons & Dragons core rulebooks refer to the version 3.5.

This issue addresses general questions popping up in the last few months.

Q: Does the Living Greyhawk Journal count as campaign documentation for Living Greyhawk, allowing me to use Living Greyhawk Journal rules options without further campaign documentation?

A: No.
While many of the Living Greyhawk Journal rules options are still available within Living Greyhawk, the articles themselves do not count as campaign documentation authorizing their use. You need an adventure record, metacampaign document, entry in the Living Greyhawk Campaign Sourcebook, or similar campaign documentation to use such rules options within Living Greyhawk.

Q: Is the Features of the Griffon’s Nest section of Greyhawk Ruins: The Griffon’s Nest article usable in Living Greyhawk without further campaign documentation?

A: Yes.
The Living Greyhawk FAQ section, included in the article, explains how to use the article in the campaign . You must have the article with you at the game to take advantage of the options included, but you do not need any further campaign documentation.

Q: If I level during Red Hand of Doom, would retraining prevent me from borrowing time units from 598 CY?

A: No.
Retraining does not prevent you from borrowing time units from 598 CY, though all other requirements for borrowing time units for Red Hand of Doom still apply.

Q: How do I determine if I am “living” somewhere for determination of my home region? If I am stationed or otherwise working overseas for a fixed period of time, am I living there?

A: There is no fixed formula for determining whether someone is currently living in a location. A common sense approach should adequately guide most, if not all, cases. Obviously, you cannot take advantage of both your home and overseas address at the same time.

Q: Can a dragon disciple worship a draconic deity?

A: Yes.

Q: Can a GM of an online game email adventure records to players?

A: Yes.
As long as all required information is on the adventure record, it is signed, and all of the GM’s information is legible, the adventure record can be emailed.

Q: Does an everburning torch or the spell continual flame allow clerics of Vatun to prepare spells?

A: No.
Continual flame does not produce an actual flame; it produces a light that looks like a flame. You will need an actual flame to prepare spells.

Q: Can a PC commit suicide?

A: Yes.
This is primarily asked in reference to reincarnate and repeated attempts to die and come back as a more desirable race. You can commit suicide, but any result that would make the PC an NPC happens immediately; you cannot be reincarnated as an NPC race and commit suicide to try again.

Q: If I cast a spell with an XP component, then die, how do I handle the XP cost?

A: Apply the cost as it happened in game time. If you die after paying the XP cost, you do not need to subtract the XP cost from your new total upon being raised.

Q: How does skill retraining work? How do I determine my maximum ranks?

A: In Living Greyhawk, retraining is considered step 1.5 in the leveling process. Your maximum ranks are capped by your old level, as you have not yet gained the benefit of increased ranks of the new level. If you are leveling from 5th to 6th level, your maximum ranks during retraining are 8.

Q: Can I use retraining to qualify for a prestige class I am taking as my next level?

A: No.
You must choose your class as the first step in leveling. You cannot choose a class without qualifying for it; you must qualify for a prestige class before retraining to be able to take a level in that prestige class as your next level.

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