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Ahlissa (Adri/Innspa)
Germany, Austria
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Innspa Shield.Innspa
Innspa (pop. 12,000), about five miles away from the western fringes of the Adri Forest, is a unique city in Aerdy. It has a walled core ("Old Town"), but the rest of the settlement, down the Harp River, is unwalled. As befits the second part of its name, the town is a place of bubbling springs. Besides these baths, the city place has more hostels, taverns, and inns than most other communities across the Flanaess – hence the first part of its name. Innspa also boasts more than a half-hundred religious buildings, ranging from small shrines to large temples and great cathedrals, owing to the multitude of religions found in the region. Travelers often marvel at the intricacies of Innspa's gnomish aqueduct which provides Innspa with fresh water from the Flinty Hills.

Adri Shield.Adri Forest
This vast, ancient broadleaf forest is filled with game animals and fine timber. The only settlement of note within the Adri is Elversford (pop. 1,000), on the eastern bank of the Harp, about 85 miles east-southeast of Innspa. The woodsmen of the Adri have considerable antipathy towards the Great Kingdom and its successor states, and groups led by rangers resist incursions into the woodlands, by both Ahlissa and the North Kingdom. A legendary ancient elven city is said to lie at the ancient, dark heart of the Adri, in a dangerous region called the Coldwood. Other parts of interest within the forest include Ettin's Mound (reputed to be home to an unusually large tribe of Ettins, and so, shunned by most), the haunted gnomish mines of Yellowretch, and the dangerous region of Goldchasm which is rumored to be full of valuable ores and minerals. Recently, rumors have arisen of ancient dragon worship in the area, and some - albeit derelict - temples have been found.

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