Regions and Metaregions
The Regional System
Greyhawk nations are assigned to different regions of the real world. Learn more about regions, metaregions, and core regions.
Finding Your Region
Discover which Living Greyhawk regions correspond to which real-world locations.
Regional/Metaregional Links
I. The Sheldomar Valley
Gran March
Principality of Ulek
II. Tuflik, Fals, and Velverdyva Trade Route
City of Dyvers
III. Iuz's Border States
Bandit Kingdoms
Shield Lands
IV. Nyrond and Her Environs
County of Urnst
Duchy of Urnst
V. Splintered Suns
Ahlissa (Adri/Innspa)
Ahlissa (Naerie)
Bone March
Sea Barons
Core Adventures
Bright Lands
DMs Challenges
Regional/Metaregional Adventures
Special instructions for requesting, playing, and reporting regional and metaregional adventures.
Contact the Campaign Leadership

Regional/Metaregional Adventures
Special Ordering Instructions

Because regional and metaregional adventures have play restrictions base on the real-world location of the events where they are played, ordering these adventures is a little bit different then ordering core adventures or adventure for other campaigns.

You request regional and metaregional adventures normally using the event request in the member area. Instead of providing you with the adventure for download, the database creates a placeholder to publicize your game day or convention on the events calendar and allows you way to report results. The adventure download is available for the specific regional or metaregional description page on the Living Greyhawk website.

These adventures are locked PDF files (version 5.0) and require a password to open. Once you've created your place holder and downloaded the adventure, contact the appropriate triad with the following information to obtain the adventures password:

  • Your Name
  • Event Name
  • Event Code
  • Event Date (Password files will not be provided more then 30 days in advance)
  • Adventure Title

Once the triad verifies this information, they will provide you with the passwords as well as the adventure records. Remember, you are not to distribute the adventure record files to anybody else. The system is in place to facilitate fair play and the regional nature of the campaign. It operates largely on the honor system and relies heavily on players and DMs embracing the spirit of the campaign. You are allowed to distribute adventure files to DMs at your event. For larger events, we recommend that you have DMs download the files from this site and then provide them the password so they can prepare the game before your show.

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