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Bissel - a feudal march located at the northern end of the Sheldomar Valley. Its eastern border is formed by a series of sharp ridges and hills known as the Lorridges. Following these northward one finds the Fals River, a tributary of the Velverdyva and the barrier that creates Bissel’s border to the northeast. To the west and northwest lie the Barrier Peaks, home to several dwarven clans, and other things less friendly. To the southwest is the Dim Forest, known for dark shadows and ancient beings. An irregular border to the south is shared with the Gran March, their capital city of Hookhill a scant 30 miles from Bisselite lands.

An otherwise unimpressive flat plain, Bissel has nonetheless been an extremely coveted piece of land throughout its history. It is a mercantile nexus, serving as the keystone for continental trade between the Sheldomar Valley to the south, Baklunish lands to the west, and the rest of the Flanaess to the east. Some of Bissel’s present day caravan routes and villages date to the days before the Twin Cataclysms. As a result of its strategic location, Bissel has repeatedly been the target of invasion, conquest and colonization by various Baklunish, Oeridian, and Suel peoples. The lands usually attract mercenaries and merchants from dozens of different cultures. The present-day indigenous peoples exhibit a rare mixture of these races and cultures, and now have a long established feudal monarchy of various Baronies owing fealty to a single person, the Margrave.

Now the throne of the Margrave lies empty; the army that he formed currently recovers from a costly war with an insane necromancer. Those who look upon Bissel with covetous eyes watch the March’s next moves very closely. It is a critical time for the March of Bissel; a razor thin line separates bright prosperity from dark hardship. If ever there was a time for heroes to rise and shape the destiny of the March of Bissel, that time is now!

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