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Ahlissa (Adri/Innspa)
Ahlissa (Naerie)
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County of Urnst
Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, Wyoming
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Welcome to the County of Urnst!

Bastion of Civilization, shield against terrible evil. Here is your home.

The County of Urnst is a civilized, prosperous land bordering the chaotic and evil domains of the demon lord Iuz, the Bandit Kingdoms; her dominant neighbors, the Nyrond Imperium and the Duchy of Urnst; as well as the pirate and monster-infested Lake of Unknown Depths. Known as the breadbasket of the Flanaess for for its staggering production of foodstuffs, her citizens pride themselves more for their supreme architecture, trade systems and the best-paved road system in the Flanaess.

The government is a feudal monarchy once owing some fealty to the Duchy of Urnst but now fiercely independent. In addition, with the death of Contessa Elone Hofre Gellor, rulership is no longer hereditary and held by House Gellor. Instead, rulership was recently voted upon by the Council of Lords to find a new Count or Countess. The Council voted overwhelmingly to place Lady Rachel Duncombe on the throne as the new Countess Rachel Duncombe the First. This new reign has already started making a positive impact on the County and her people.

The County's economy is based on the production and export of gold, foodstuffs (including livestock, nationally-bred horses, wool from 4-horned sheep, game animals, fish, grains and breads, cheeses, fruits and vegetables, world famous wines, ales and brandy), mercenaries, skilled artisans (especially engineers), and textiles.

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