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Duchy of Urnst
Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Washington
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Urnst is blessed with ample access to both the Nyr Dyv and the Nesser River, waterways that provide critical passage for the duchy's legendary mineral wealth and foodstuffs (mostly seasoned sausages and rye). Gifted with a moderate climate, the farms of Urnst produce crops in all but the deepest winter. Summer rains commonly flood the banks of the Nesser well south of the capital; wise farmers construct low stone walls around their fields, building outbuildings on short stilts. The rolling foothills of the north prevent serious flooding there, and make for breathtaking landscapes remembered across the Flanaess.

The lands of the Duchy have been dominated since ancient times by the Noble Houses of the Suel. A Duke has ruled over the Duchy since the times of the Great Kingdom, but has had to work through his advisory Honorable Chamber to get anything accomplished. To this day the shifting alliances and feuds of the noble houses remain predominant.

With Duke Karll missing, his nephew Lord Ellis Lorinar has been appointed as Regent. Factions are forming and groups that were held in check by Duke Karll are now free to act. Problems that have been left to fester must be lanced before they flare out of control. The tension between supporters of Ellis and those who supported the Duke's sons, Jolen and Broden, complicates the Regent's task. Troubled times lie ahead for Urnst.

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