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The Dullstrand coast is more properly called "the Dullstrand" or "the Dull Strand," as "strand" actually means "shoreline," but popular usage since the founding of the only important town here has changed the old name for the coast into the name of the town alone. The popular usage is followed here.

The Dullstrand coast has long been a haven for those fleeing the turbulent crises that have afflicted the southeastern Flanaess. Indeed, it may have served this function for over a millennium. Gray stone monoliths, much defaced by the elements, mark the locations of ancient Flan settlements along the shoreline in dozens of places. (The man-sized monoliths were apparently religious shrines.) The Flannae here were little more than fishers, goat herders, and gatherers, leaving nothing else of their presence behind; they were less advanced in many ways than Flan settlements elsewhere in the Flanaess. Several Aerdy explorers in the Great Kingdom's early days thought the Flan monuments were actually tomb markers, perhaps for great Ur-Flannae wizards or chieftains, but excavations revealed nothing of interest. These people faded from existence many centuries before the Invoked Devastation and Rain of Colorless Fire drove survivors of those western calamities into the Flanaess. Interestingly, it has been speculated that these original inhabitants might have fled to the coast here to escape domination and mistreatment by Ur-Flannae necromancers known to have lived farther north, where the Great Kingdom was later founded. Their lack of technical and magical advancement indicates they may have been transient refugees.

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