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City of Dyvers
Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska
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In a city where gold often dictates one's morals, adventure is never far away. From the rangers of the Gnarley Forest to the lofty Gentry of the city to the true rulers spinning their webs in dark alleyways, everyone is in need of something and everyone has something to sell.

Despite a devastating massacre among the gentry and their families in CY 595, the city leaders have not only rebuilt but rebounded into an economic boom.Foreign merchants clog the streets, plying wares from across the Flanaess and solidifying Dyvers' claim of being the Jewel of the Flanaess—a not-so-subtle dig at the eastern rival of Greyhawk City, the Gem of the Flanaess. From the south, though, a long-feared enemy sees a ripe fruit ready to pluck, and the hordes of the Pomarj finally make their move, flooding the Gnarley Forest with orcs, goblins, ogres, and things far worse from the dark places of Oerth.

While its citizens are free to think what they want, there are certain concepts that make the average Dyversian bristle. After winning independence from Furyondy in CY 526, Dyvers does not take well to idle rhetoric wondering if the city would be better off under a king to the north. Also, Magister Larissa Hunter's decree that any Greyhawk soldiers spotted anywhere near the lands' eastern border would be taken as an act of war clearly demonstrates the animosity between the two giants of the Nyr Dyv.

Welcome to the City of Sails, where gold is thicker than blood.

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