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Greyhawk nations are assigned to different regions of the real world. Learn more about regions, metaregions, and core regions.
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I. The Sheldomar Valley
Gran March
Principality of Ulek
II. Tuflik, Fals, and Velverdyva Trade Route
City of Dyvers
III. Iuz's Border States
Bandit Kingdoms
Shield Lands
IV. Nyrond and Her Environs
County of Urnst
Duchy of Urnst
V. Splintered Suns
Ahlissa (Adri/Innspa)
Ahlissa (Naerie)
Bone March
Sea Barons
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Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, global default region*
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Triad Website (external)

The Grand Duchy of Geoff teeters on the edge of absolute ruin! Over a decade ago the giants came down from the mountains. A seemingly endless army of giants and goblins poured out of the Crystalmists, scattering the folk of Geoff before them. The people were driven forth, enslaved, or eaten, as the giants reveled in their stolen territory.

Yet all is not completely lost. Thousands fled safely across the Stark Mounds and the Javan River into Keoland and Gran March. Grand Duke Owen and many of his leaders survived and plan for a campaign to cast back the giants. The druids continue to tend to the people and the land from their hidden Isle of Rhun in the foothills of the Barrier Peaks. Geoff is in the midst of winter and dreams of a new spring.

Even now, after many long years, hope is lifting its head. Geoff found allies in Gran March, Yeomanry, Bissel, and the Knights of the Watch. Owen married the sister of the Regent of Keoland, bringing more aid to Geoff. The united armies have secured a foothold around Hochoch and in the Downlands. Many of the Geoff refugees have returned to their homeland to rebuild.

The ram's horn calls. We rise to drive the giants back into the mountains. Join us as we take back what is ours. The Liberation of Geoff has begun!

* Global default region: Anyone living, or stationed, in an area of the world without a designated region may choose Geoff as their home region.

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