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“Keoland…The Kingdom of Keoland…The Empire of Keoland…yes, that sounds proper.”

Founded 939 years ago (in -342 CY), Keoland is one of the oldest political entities in all of the Flanaess. Bordered by the Rushmoors to the north, the Sheldomar River to the east, the Azure Sea to the south, and the Javan River to the west, it is the largest and most powerful nation in the Sheldomar Valley. In the heartland, grains and other foodstuffs are harvested and processed to help feed the Sheldomar Valley. After all, that’s how you warrant the nickname ‘Breadbasket of the Sheldomar”. To the west, in the Good Hills, gems and ores flow into the cities of Cryllor and Flen and then all across the Flanaess. In the south and on the rivers, ships and barges carry Keoish products to all shores and bring back rare and exotic goods from across the continent. All of these industries and more help make Keoland the “Gem of the Sheldomar”.

All is quiet since King Kimbertos Skotti reclaimed his life and retook the Lion Throne about a year and a half ago. In that time, the Kingslayer has been “seen to”, and the Court of the Land is back to status quo. Nothing is accomplished as nobles play the political games they so enjoy. Duke Luschan Rhola is off with his Navy, fighting in the Azure Sea, while 15,000 Keoish troops help support our allies in the principality of Ulek in their fight against the hordes of Turrosh Mak. In the north, troops were sent to help our ally Bissel in their battles to repel the Kettite invasion.

Yes, all is back to normal, and a quiet confidence seems to be growing across the Kingdom, as the eyes of Keoland are focused on events outside its borders.

But rumors are starting to spread across the countryside, rumors that all is not well in the west, rumors that something sinister rises where the sun sets, rumors of waylaid travelers and caravans, rumors that this unusually hot summer is not just a natural event.

Something sinister hangs in the breeze barely felt, a chill running down the spine with no obvious cause. All is not quiet on the western front.

Of course the reality is much more alarming and loathsome than even the worst rumors suggest.

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