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New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Manitoba, Prince Edward Island
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Border raiding has been a part of Ket military culture for centuries, a quick way for young officers to show their zeal and daring in order to get on the fast track to a quick promotion. These relatively bloodless raids have doubtless been more of an annoyance to Ket's neighbors than a real threat. But a recent raid against Bissel has gone horribly awry. Certain powerful people within Bissel have somehow turned the small raid into an “invasion”, and the Bissel army has struck back at an unsuspecting Ket.

With the Ket army still recovering from a massive battle against alien invaders last fall, Bissel swept aside Ket’s southern defenses and took the town of Avernand, gateway to the Irafa Road caravan route. Although still weak, Ket has responded, and Avernand has traded hands several times. Both armies are now locked in a stalemate.

Although diplomats from several countries have broached the idea of an alliance to drive Bissel out, but Beygraf Nadaid has rejected all offers, believing that the first sign of weakness will bring vengeful armies down upon Ket like wolves upon the fold.

So the army remains the thin line standing between Bissel and the green and pleasant steppes of Ket. It has always been enough in the past. Surely it will be enough today?

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