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Ahlissa (Naerie)
Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden
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The County of Idee was a small realm often overshadowed by larger events shaping the Flanaess. The main threat to its security was invasion from its northern neighbor, and former suzerain, the Great Kingdom of Aerdy. Despite its small size, Idee profited greatly from trade with its fellow Iron League states. With this fortune, the counts of Idee constructed an impressive chain of fortifications to guard against the armies of the Great Kingdom. In the end, these fortifications availed them little. Like Onnwal and Lordship of the Isles, Idee fell to Scarlet Brotherhood during the Greyhawk Wars and its population was enslaved. In 584 CY, Ahlissan forces drove the Brotherhood out of Idee and, renaming the land the Principality of Naerie, made it a fief of the new United Kingdom of Ahlissa.

Of course, some did not welcome the Ahlissans as liberators, thinking of them rather as invaders. They formed an insurgency called the Idee Volunteers. Meanwhile, Prince Barzhaan of Naerie, the ruler appointed by Overking Xavener, strengthens his hold on the Principality. Ahlissan troops keep a close watch on the southern border for any renewed Brotherhood threat. Trade prospers under the influence of the Royal Guild of Merchants of Aerdy, and old Ideean fortresses are rebuilt. On the orders of Overking Xavener, a new fleet of ships is being built in Naerie to ward the seas and increase trade and ties with nations opposing the Scarlet Sign. As the fleet grows in size, so does Ahlissa’s presence on the Azure Sea. Should push come to a shove, Naerie will be the fist that the overking shall use to crush the Scarlet Brotherhood.

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