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I. The Sheldomar Valley
Gran March
Principality of Ulek
II. Tuflik, Fals, and Velverdyva Trade Route
City of Dyvers
III. Iuz's Border States
Bandit Kingdoms
Shield Lands
IV. Nyrond and Her Environs
County of Urnst
Duchy of Urnst
V. Splintered Suns
Ahlissa (Adri/Innspa)
Ahlissa (Naerie)
Bone March
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Nyrond and Her Environs
Metaregion Four
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Circle Member: Colleen Simpson

The fertile lands that once made up the western part of the Great Kingdom are now home to the Kingdom of Nyrond, County & Duchy of Urnst, Theocracy of the Pale and the Archbarony of Ratik. Political intrigue is rife in the area. The widow Archbaroness of Ratik has all but disappeared from public view, leaving the noble lords to defend themselves against border raids. The traitorous Prince Sewarndt's attempted coup in Nyrond keeps the King ever watching for traitors in his court. The Countess Belissica aids her neighbors and plays hostess to the exiled Duke of Tenh, trying to strike a balance between aiding him and upsetting others who have eyes on Tenh. The noble houses of the Duchy of Urnst have perfected the game of political intrigue trying to get rid of their enemies and further their own ends. In the Pale, Theocrat Ogon Tillit has fallen ill and the Prelates are trying to place themselves in his office. All of this added to the shifting alliances between states and the external threats of Iuz, the Great Kingdom and Scarlet Brotherhood provide a dangerous and potentially explosive environment. How long can an area subjected to these tensions avoid conflict or all out war?

With the tragic sacrifice and loss of the Countess Belissica, the County has turned to new leadership. Her Noble Brilliancy, the Contessa Elone Hofre Gellor, has ascended the seat of power and now directs the County's affairs. Chancellor Terard Duncombe II, Lord of the East, retains command of the military and vigilance over the Nyrond border.

Nyrond and Her Environs.
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