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Australia (Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, and Western Australia), Guam, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand (North Island), Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand
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Perrenland is the heartland of the Quaglands, a bastion of the Old Faith and one of the last independent Flan nations on Oerth. Perrenland is a country of ancient traditions, where Ur-Flan refers not to a people lost to time, but to respected ancestors whose mummified heads still adorn the rafters in many traditional Flan Stadts. The Quaglands are dominated by the Old Kerk, whose three branches (the Grove, the Shool, and the Voice) influence the daily lives of all Perrenders. The Old Kerk has the final say in the election, by and from the clans, of the Voormann every eight years.

A curious mix of old and new, folk of many cultures live side by side in Perrenland, and cultural enclaves keep their own traditions but still form part of the nation. The Flan and Oeridian clans, the grey-elf principality of Kershane, the dwarven kingdom of Khundholm, the gnome enclaves of Vesbergen, the Quagaloogal lizardfolk, the nixies of the Swabbonwald and the Guurhok hobgoblins all live in unity - for they all know that Iggwilv the Famine Queen, her son Iuz the Old, and her daughter Drelnza claim the Quaglands as their birthright, and under their rule all would go to ruin.

If you seek rugged wilderness, cultured cities, courtesans and casinos, conflict and intrigue, all set against a backdrop of the most ancient of ways, then Perrenland is the place for you - and mercenaries are always welcome, so long as they take the Pax Mercuri oath.

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