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I. The Sheldomar Valley
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The Sheldomar Valley
Metaregion One
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Circle Member: Steve Conforti

The Sheldomar Valley has a long and troubled history. Once dominated by the terrible lich Vecna, it is a fertile but war-torn place. It is a land where many of the Suel and Oeridians took refuge after the Twin Cataclysms amongst the native Flan of the region, forming the mighty kingdom of Keoland. The Valley has seen hard times lately: invasions by giants on its western borders, interference by the Scarlet Brotherhood in the south, invasion by evil humanoids of the Pomarj in the east, and the conquering of its northern most reaches by the nation of Ket. The giants driven out of Sterich have returned, and Ket has vacated Bissel, only to see Evard the Necromancer seize control of Thornward and the northern reaches of Bissel. Geoff and the Principality of Ulek still remain under siege and tension between Gran March, Keoland, and Geoff has reached a new high with the recent change of ownership of the city of Hochoch, now the headquarters for the Knights of the Watch. If not for the assistance of the military forces of Gran March and the Yeomanry these last years, who knows how long the Sheldomar Valley would remain under the control of the forces of good.

See also: The Silent Ones

Sheldomar Valley map.
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