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Principality of Ulek
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The Principality of Ulek is the southernmost of the three independent Ulek States. It is likely the largest mixed dwarven and human realm in the Flanaess, and one of few that is both possessed and administered by the dwur themselves. The Principality sits in the western Flanaess along the coast of the Azure Sea, bordered by Keoland to the west and the Pomarj peninsula to the east, between the Sheldomar and Jewel Rivers, respectively. Its northern border with the County of Ulek is traditionally observed as the Old River. Some logging is conducted in the northeast, where the Suss verges across the Jewel, but the most dominant feature for the Principality is the broad set of lofty hills that dominate the central fastness of the realm, separating it into two distinct regions all the way south to the sea.

Tragedy and the endless war with the Pomarj in the Disputed Territory has seemed to rob Prince Olinstaad Corond of health, vitality and perhaps even the will to live. The people of Ulek grieve with the prince at death of his son and heir, followed by the death of one of his twin grandsons. Famine in the north and disease along the front begin to once more stretch the people's patience and hope.

Far to the east two pair of eyes turn their attention to the Principality. One set belongs to something older than the mountains in which it resides, sending it's minions forth to take what the creature called the Warlord could not; the other is the assassin of Prince Volimar, the elven witch Markessa of the Slavelords.

What or who is it that could bring these two disparate factions together... and what will happen to the Principality if they succeed?

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