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The folk of Veluna have long represented the best aspects of civilized men. Here, the Church of Rao welcomes everyone who wishes to add to a culture of peace, reason and serenity. Dwarves, elves, and gnomes all have large populations living within the Vale, along with humans of almost every race and creed. The Archclericy is a shining example of what goodness and cooperation can achieve—even in the dark times we live in.

Veluna's government is a feudal theocracy headed by the Church of Rao, following his ideals of peace, reason and serenity. It is currently led by Canon Priffin Truft, head of the Church. He is advised by the College of Bishops and the Celestial Order of the Moons, a council appointed by the nobility. While the Canon always has the final say, the College of Bishops and the Celestial Order have strong voices in the affairs of Veluna. The College of Bishops is comprised of the twenty one most powerful Bishops and Archbishops in the country, holy men of Rao, St Cuthbert and Heironeous. The Celestial Order is made up of representatives from each of the seven diocese's ruling noble families, a representative of Verbobonc (a vassal state of Veluna, advisory role only), and presided over by the Archbishop of Veluna City (in the name of the Canon).

While few countries emerged from the Greyhawk Wars as well off as Veluna, recent years have not been as kind. Friends of the past have resurfaced as enemies, ancient powers have weakened, and the country is embroiled in a struggle for its very survival against an ancient evil. Still, recent discoveries within the extensive catacombs of Mitrik herald a new age of enlightenment and wonder. So come, learn the lore of yesterday and seek the glory of tomorrow. Who knows what adventures may be just around the bend...

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