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Greyhawk nations are assigned to different regions of the real world. Learn more about regions, metaregions, and core regions.
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I. The Sheldomar Valley
Gran March
Principality of Ulek
II. Tuflik, Fals, and Velverdyva Trade Route
City of Dyvers
III. Iuz's Border States
Bandit Kingdoms
Shield Lands
IV. Nyrond and Her Environs
County of Urnst
Duchy of Urnst
V. Splintered Suns
Ahlissa (Adri/Innspa)
Ahlissa (Naerie)
Bone March
Sea Barons
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Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee
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Triad Website (external)

The Yeomanry League is attacked from within! Freeholder Marius Lindon is missing, gone since midwinter. Acting Freeholder Grosspokeswoman Melinda Windomere leads the search for the Lindon. News spread quickly of the recent, daring raid into Scarlet Brotherhood territory by her agents. Windomere recalls the Army of Freedom from the fight against the Giants into the North. Now freeman and citizen alike raise the spear and await the retort of the hated assassins.

Over three years ago, the Yeomanry was rocked by powerful earthquakes, centered at the town of Hardwick, later known as the Landstraad. Since that time, the Yeomanry has worked to repair and rebuild. Recently, the lands around Hardwick have become a haven for enterprising merchants. Strange lights have been seen from various caves and tunnels in the face of the gigantic Escarpment, accompanied by the wanderings of foul, deathless creatures.

Despite the Council of Grosspokesmen’s efforts, rumors persist of strange and dire portents which herald the return of the dread Lord Asberdies, Tyrant of the Yeoman people. Slerotin’s Tunnel is open once more, and men tell tales of strange elf-like beings that walk the night streets of Dark Gate. The seers of Kelzad speak openly of wrack and ruin for the Yeomanry people.

Yet all is not lost. Word comes from the Crystalmists that the legendary Sword of the Deliverer was found, lost these many years since the Army of Freedom won the day. Whispers of other powerful weapons and greater treasures waiting to be found cannot be quashed.

The call goes forth: We are beset by enemies on all sides. Raise the Spear! Fight to protect hard-won freedoms, bought at the cost of Yeoman lives. Raise the Spear! All fit men and women are called to the defense of home and hearth. Raise the Spear!

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