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Put Boba Fett to Work for You April 2, 2004

On April 2, 2004, you can put one of the many popular bounty hunters of the Star Wars universe to work for you -- in your Star Wars Trading Card Game deck. Imagine triumphing over your foes with the likes of Bossk or Boba Fett at your command.

This exciting new 105-card expansion for the Star Wars Trading Card Game is the seventh release for the game. It is based around images and characters from Episode Four: A New Hope and Episode Five: The Empire Strikes Back. The set features a veritable mercenary army of Neutral cards, which form approximately 80% of the expansion. This will allow you plenty of opportunity to fight for both the Light and Dark side.

Rogues and Scoundrels also introduces the new Bounty and Upkeep game mechanics. Bounty rewards destroying an enemy unit. This reward is most often build points or force. Upkeep is used on strong cards with high repeat cost. In order to keep them in play, you have to keep paying for them.

For a quick insight into what those mean on certain cards, read "Old Dogs, New Tricks" and "Neutral Sided."