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Behind the Cards: Aayla Secura

The Phantom Menace introduced a number of popular figures from the Star Wars Expanded Universe. To provide a better understanding of these characters, we offer the following accounts—the histories behind the units in your deck!

Gray Areas: Force-Users Touched by the Dark Side

Quinlan Vos' trusted apprentice Aayla Secura has also walked the fine line between light and dark, but by the time of the Clone Wars, her loyalty to the Jedi is without question. The graceful blue Twi'lek duels like a dancer, but she prefers to use her lightsaber only as a defensive measure. She is an excellent pilot, and helped Adi Gallia test the Delta-7 Aethersprite fighter.

Vos found the girl on Ryloth when she was only a year old and brought her to Coruscant to begin her training. After ten years serving as Padawan to Quinlan Vos, Aayla Secura stood on the verge of the trials, and she soon would have become a Jedi Knight—had the pair not been captured by her uncle, a powerful glitteryll smuggler named Pol Secura. Pol used the glitteryll to wipe out the memories of both Aayla and her Master. Her uncle kept her on Ryloth as insurance against the Jedi, but when a recovering Quinlan Vos traveled to the planet to find her, Aayla's Force abilities reawakened. Without realizing what she was doing, Aayla used the Force to send her uncle over a cliff to his death.

Though Aayla was eventually reunited with her former Master, the Jedi Council deemed it far too dangerous for the Twi'lek to continue her training under Quinlan Vos. The two had seen too much darkness together. Instead, Master Tholme, the Jedi Master who had trained Vos himself, took over Aayla's training. She took part in the Battle of Geonosis and later served as an undercover operative for the Jedi throughout the Clone Wars.

In the cards: Aayla Secura (B) gains +2 power and Accuracy 1 when attacking a Bounty Hunter. This was designed to reflect her battles with Aurra Sing, whom Aayla helped defeat and thus brought about the return of several lightsabers kept as trophies.