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Behind the Cards: Aurra Sing

The Phantom Menace introduced a number of popular figures from the Star Wars Expanded Universe. To provide a better understanding of these characters, we offer the following accounts—the histories behind the units in your deck!

Gray Areas: Force-Users Touched by the Dark Side

The Dark Woman's most spectacular failure was the loss of her young apprentice, Aurra Sing—not even yet a Padawan—to the Sennex pirates. Already a troubled student whose emotions often got the better of her judgment, the girl became an engine of hatred when the pirates told her the Dark Woman had purposely abandoned her. But it wasn't until the pirates sold her to Wallanooga the Hutt that Aurra Sing truly became an efficient killer as well as a masterful, cruel predator of other Force-users.

The Hutt had hopes of turning the girl into his own Force-sensitive assassin, and apprenticed her to the Anzati not long after buying her from the Sennex pirates. The vampire-like Anzati did a masterful job, wiping out any remaining vestiges of kindness or compassion. Though no one can prove it, it's assumed that both the Hutt who once owned her and the Anzati who trained her eventually fell victim to her rage.

Aurra Sing has pale ivory skin and wears her red hair in a topknot. She usually wears a form-fitting jumpsuit and carries at least one of her stolen lightsabers on her weapon belt. An external antenna betrays the presence of the Rhen-Orm biocomputer installed in her head, put there perhaps by the Sennex, the Anzati, or even Aurra Sing herself—the bounty hunter isn't saying. She carries a wide variety of exotic weapons, but uses her rudimentary Force sense and the biocomputer to help her track down other Force-users, especially Jedi. It was Aurra Sing who tracked down the reclusive Jedi Master Sharad Hett on Tatooine, murdering him before Ki-Adi-Mundi could stop her.

Aurra Sing's quest for revenge on the Jedi, and specifically the Dark Woman, would prove to be her downfall. Her trap for the Dark Woman and Master Tholme nearly succeeded, but was ultimately foiled by Aayla Secura. After her capture, Aurra Sing's stolen lightsaber collection was returned to the Jedi.

In the cards: Aurra Sing (C) collects a bounty of sorts—whenever she causes a unit to be discarded, she takes a card from your deck for an incremental boost to power, health and speed. These cards were designed to reflect the Jedi lightsabers she takes from defeated opponents.