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Behind the Cards: Dark Woman

The Phantom Menace introduced a number of popular figures from the Star Wars Expanded Universe. To provide a better understanding of these characters, we offer the following accounts—the histories behind the units in your deck!

Gray Areas: Force-Users Touched by the Dark Side

The Dark Woman
Her given name was An'ya Kuro, but once she became a Jedi Knight, she gave up everything to serve the Force—including her name. Now the few who know the Jedi Master that briefly trained the rogue bounty hunter Aurra Sing and offered to take over the tutelage of A'Sharad Hett simply call her "the Dark Woman." No one knows whether this moniker comes from her reputation for unpredictable (some might say brutal) training methods or from the silver-haired Jedi's habit of wearing a black cloak and gloves.

Many years before either Sing or Hett, the Force directed the Dark Woman to Cerea, where she found the four-year-old Force-sensitive child Ki-Adi-Mundi. She brought the boy to the Jedi Council and convinced them to accept him into training despite his relatively advanced age. Though the Dark Woman would no doubt have done a fine job of training the young Cerean, the Council instead decreed that he should be instructed by Master Yoda. This action presumably prevented the Dark Woman and Ki-Adi-Mundi from forming emotional attachments that might one day have led either or both of them to the Dark Side.

However, the Dark Woman's training methods, though unusual, had the respect of the Council, and she was often given difficult trainees that had caused problems for previous masters. When Ki-Adi-Mundi faced trouble with his own apprentice, the Force led the Dark Woman back to her old friend to aid him. And though she lost Aurra Sing to the Dark Side, a betrayal that still stings, the Dark Woman would face her former apprentice again much later, on a mission to Devaron.

Only the quick actions of another troubled Padawan, Aayla Secura, saved the lives of the Dark Woman and Master Tholme. In the end, Sing did not add any new lightsabers to her belt.

In the cards: Dark Woman (A) possesses a number of abilities: Deflect, Evade, Intercept, and Accuracy—designed to reflect her many talents.