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Luke's Rally

When it comes to the Star Wars Trading Card Game, many players always seem to be looking for a super secret that will put them over the top. As for me, I like to challenge the normal way we play the game. There's nothing more appealing than doing something outside the box.

I've heard many rumors around the 'net that there's a way to draw your whole deck. This can probably be done many ways, but is it a winning strategy? What will you do with all those cards? Well, how about -- deploy them all?

The next question, no doubt, is: how? Let's start with the card-drawing engine first. If you've played the game for a while, you already know about the Luke, Yoda, and Dark Woman combo. For those not familiar, it goes like this:

  • Luke Skywalker (J) lets you draw a card every time damage is prevented.
  • Yoda (H) lets you gain Force each time you prevent damage.
  • Dark Woman (A) has Pay 1 Arrow Deflect 1.
  • Now, all we need to do is deal damage to Dark Woman. She can then Pay 1 Force to deflect the damage to herself, thus gaining a Force from Yoda and drawing a card from Luke. Rinse and repeat.

    The next question, most likely: Where does that damage come from? We have the answer in Jedi Training Exercise. This Mission card not only provides you with a very cheap way to deal damage to Dark Woman, but it also lets you search for key Jedi units needed for the deck to go off.

    I know four cards is a lot, but it isn't as hard as it seems. Luke Skywalker (A) can search for Luke Skywalker (J) and Jedi Training Exercise can dig out the cards we need. Using lower-cost units will help us cycle through our deck to see more cards while also setting up the theme of our win condition.

    Using almost nothing but 2-build units, Rally the Defenders becomes a monster with this deck. Use the above-mentioned combo to draw your whole deck, play Rally the Defenders, and drop all your 2-cost units.

    Finding the Build points can be a difficult task, but Departure Time works wonders. Also, Yoda (I) lets you rearrange stacks for free. Yoda (I) and Yoda (H) have the same Build cost, so they can switch for free.

    The deck does have a few cards it truly fears:

  • Thwart
  • Modified YV-330 (A) (or anything else with Shields 2), which usually occupies one slot in most Dark Side decks
  • Unfriendly Fire, which is almost never played
  • However, the deck is pretty consistent and goes off on the first turn a high percentage of the time. It's all about what you do during setup. The only change I might suggest is to add three or four copies of Change in Destiny. In addition, you could use Disrupting Strike, since Thwart and Dismiss cost 3 and 4 Force, but I prefer the "sure thing." And lastly, you can consider Desperate Times, but it works only if you have all the combo pieces and an additional copy of Jedi Training Exercise.

    So now, the last question you're asking is probably this one: What does the whole deck look like?

    Luke's Rally
    4 Dark Woman (A)
    4 Luke Skywalker (A)
    2 Luke Skywalker (J)
    3 Yoda (I)
    3 Yoda (H)
    4 Bespin Twin-Pod Cloud Car
    3 Swoop Bike
    3 Rebel Defense Team
    3 Rebel Squad
    3 Jawa Sandcrawler
    4 N-1 Starfighter
    4 ARC-170 Starfighter
    4 Cloakshape Fighter
    4 Sabaoth Starfighter
    4 Departure Time
    4 Jedi Training Exercise
    4 Rally the Defenders
    16 Character
    16 Ground
    16 Space
    0 Battle
    12 Mission
    0 Equipment
    0 Location