Return of the Jedi: First Look
Welcome to the Set of Versatility…

Let’s take a walk on the Dark Side.

Return of the Jedi is going to seriously shake things up!

From the heights of the Jedi Order, to the supremacy of the Empire, Coruscant has long been the center of power in the universe. So it's the perfect card to start our previews for what is going to be an amazing set.

Yes, you did read the card right. This Location can be deployed to any arena. Sure, this makes it extremely versatile, but this is not the card's only true power. Aside from providing 1 Force, Occupied Coruscant also enables you to get rid of any of your opponent’s Locations. That Rebel Trenches causing you problems? Not any more! Rebel Hangar or Luke's Garage locking down the game? Well, the battle just moved to the seat of Imperial power! Dagobah System fueling those annoying, evading units? For 2 build you can replace it with a version of your own!

Occupied Coruscant is the heart of darkness in the Star Wars universe. On that subject, have you noticed how cold it suddenly got? I think you may have been here too long. Someone is coming up behind you… (and due to arrive 10/06!)

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