Return of the Jedi: Second Look

These cards don’t need an introduction.

Power and health equal to your Force total? Wow!

You expect a lot for 10 build. Filled with the power of the Dark Side, Emperor Palpatine (D) more than delivers!

Cards such as Death Mark and Jabba's Death Mark make the Emperor a viable second turn play, and he immediately comes in at a potential 8 power, 8 health unit—not too shabby at all for 10 build. Next turn, 12/12. Next turn… there won’t be a next turn.

Emperor Palpatine (D) also has a great Evade ability, but will you use it? Return of the Jedi will make players think very differently about how they use their Force totals as they become a more powerful resource than ever. In respect to the head honcho here, if you can just hold on till next turn, he automatically gains another +4 power and +4 health, hopefully negating the damage he just sustained.

Darth Sidious (D) turned players' thoughts towards Force Denial Control decks. In true Dark Side fashion, Emperor Palpatine (D) takes those muses and channels them into aggressive control. Consider Capture Obi-Wan. With the Emperor in play, this card becomes: “Your opponent loses 2 Force. Your gain 2 Force and Emperor Palpatine (D) gains 2 power and 2 health!” Occupied Coruscant (previewed last article) also fits extremely well into this strategy.

In our next look at Return of the Jedi, the true power of the Dark Side is revealed.

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