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Feature Article
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Return of the Jedi: Fourth Look


Your opponent’s Space arena has a single, small Dark Side unit. You cast your eyes over their build zone. A few counters here and there… nothing menacing… and besides, it's far too late now anyway.

You smile to yourself as you deploy Luke’s X-wing, attacking and easily taking out that last small unit.

But wait, why is your opponent smiling? You control the Space arena, it’s all falling into place for you…

Their hands are moving… one to their Force total, one to a unit in the build zone. What’s happening?

You have just walked into a trap, my friend. That is what is happening.

The new Hidden Cost mechanic is really going to make a difference in the way we play this game. No longer are cards in the build zone things to worry about in the future; they now represent threats that can suddenly emerge and throw themselves into battle.

Take a look at this beast for example. Once this unit has at least 3 build counters on it, you can pay the rest of its cost with Force, deploying an 8 power, 8 health unit with Overkill during any "play or pass" chances (except damage prevention and Lucky/reroll POPs).

For more information on how the new Hidden Cost ability works, look for the Return of the Jedi FAQ, due out the release day of the expansion.

That’s it for this first sneak peek into the new set—an expansion I think you'll agree is going to seriously shake up the current environment.

Until next time…

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