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Feature Article
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Joey Leake

Oh No... the Rancor!

Return of the Jedi: Preview 5

By now, you've had a taste of what Return of the Jedi has to offer the Dark Side and the Light Side. But what about the fence-sitters, those who refuse to choose sides, the “Switzerland” of the Star Wars universe? Here’s a peek into what Return of the Jedi has in store for the Neutrals.

For those of you who play Magic: the Gathering, you may be familiar with the classification of a TCG player as a “Timmy”, a “Johnny”, or a “Spike”. If you aren’t familiar with these terms, I encourage you to take a look at Mark Rosewater’s article.

Now that you have an idea of the three rough categories that most players fall into, you’ll be able to appreciate that the Neutral units in Return of the Jedi have a little something to offer to the Timmy, Johnny, and Spike in all of us. Let’s get to the cards!

Why not start out with a bang? The Rancor should have the Timmy in everyone jumping up and down. What’s better than absolutely bashing the guts out of your opponent’s Ground units, safe in the knowledge that they’re not going to prevent a point of it? Granted he carries a hefty price tag, but the certainty of his damage sticking is not to be underestimated. Anakin's Podracer (A) giving you fits? Wedge Antilles (B) taking the sting out of your attacks? The Rancor won’t even notice.

The fact that the Rancor is both a Tatooine unit and a creature means he will receive bonuses from cards such as RIC-920, Geonosian Picadors, Wampa Cave, and Tatooine Desert. And let’s not forget the recently spoiled Malakili (A)! A deck focused around creatures could use Malakili (A) to boost the Rancor to a 20/10/10 unit—able to use Intercept to soak up enough damage to allow your other Ground units to survive long enough to attack, and then deliver a nasty beat-down himself. I’m starting to understand why Jabba kept one of these things around!

Speaking of the Rancor, what of his most infamous meal (no, not the Gamorrean)?

Some people have been wondering if Lucky was a mechanic that would only be seen in The Phantom Menace set. Oola (A) puts those fears to rest. Lucky is here to stay. While not much of a powerhouse herself, Oola’s gift of Lucky 1 to each of your Characters could be quite valuable in a deck that swarms in the Character arena.

Next week: A gift for Spike!

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