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Feature Article
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Joey Leake

Ephant Mon

Return of the Jedi: Preview 6

Now that Timmy’s happily crushing things with his giant monster, we can give Spike some attention. Spike likes cheap, efficient cards with lots of flexibility. Ephant Mon (A) is just such a card.

Ephant Mon (A) is a very interesting unit. First, he makes use of the new Hidden Cost mechanic. This means if you have at least two build counters on him, you can pay an amount of Force equal to the build needed to complete Ephant Mon, in order to bring him into play at any time. The best time to do this is usually going to be after the last Character taps during the Character battle step. Got three Force you’re not doing anything with? If you’ve got two build counters on Ephant Mon, you can bring him into play and attack with little fear that he’ll take any damage this turn.

And, when Ephant Mon does attack, his awesome triggered ability kicks in, letting you search your opponent’s hand and deck for a Battle or Mission card, which they have to then discard. Note that you’ll almost always want to take a card from their hand, as this has a more direct impact on the game. One advantage Ephant Mon has over a card like Slumming on Coruscant is that, if your opponent doesn't have anything you want to take from their hand, this ability isn’t wasted. Just search their deck and snag something you don’t want them drawing into.

Whether you’re out to strip your opponent’s hand of nasty tricks, or clear the way for your own by taking out their disrupts, Ephant Mon (A) is the man (that is, the Chevin) for the job.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little peek into the Neutral side of Return of the Jedi. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email them to me at: As always, thanks for reading!

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