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Feature Article
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Joey Leake

Return of the Jedi: Sarlacc

A New Definition of Pain and Suffering

Last, but certainly not least, is Johnny. I think that the vast majority of Star Wars TCG players would classify themselves as a Johnny. They love unusual card interactions. They love setting up combos that do unique and powerful things. In short, they’re the creative ones in the group. To quote Mark’s article, “Johnny cares more about the quality of his wins than the quantity.” For Johnny, Return of the Jedi has the Sarlacc.

You may choose not to untap this unit during your untap step.
TapArrow Choose one of your opponent's Characters. Play only
when this unit would attack.
As long as this card remains tapped, the chosen Character
doesn't untap. At the start of the Character battle, put 2
damage counters on that unit.

What can I say? Sarlacc (A) is just cool! For the first time, we have a Ground unit that is able to “attack” Characters from the safety of the Ground arena. Not only does the Sarlacc do two points of unpreventable damage (it’s unpreventable because it’s placing counters, not doing actual damage) to your opponent’s most annoying Character every turn, but it also keeps that Character tapped down so it won’t be attacking anymore. Once that one has been digested, just toss in another Character! The Sarlacc, like the Rancor, is a creature, so it will gain all the bonuses that go along with that subtype.

I can envision a deck in which Malakili (A) allows you to win Ground with various creatures, all getting a boost from Geonosian Picadors. While you’re busy pounding away in Ground, Orn Free Taa (A) protects Malakili by keeping your opponent’s biggest Characters tapped down. The whole time, the Sarlacc pulls double duty by intercepting where appropriate to keep your combat units alive, then locking down and making a snack of your opponent’s Characters, one at a time. With only Orn Free Taa (A) and Sarlacc (A) out, your opponent would need four Characters in the arena just to be able to attack Orn! The possibilities this card presents to both Light Side and Dark Side (or even the elusive true Neutral deck) are so numerous, Johnny should have his hands full for the foreseeable future.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little peek into the Neutral side of Return of the Jedi. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email them to me at: As always, thanks for reading!

From the FAQ:

Q: What if the targeted unit somehow untaps? Does it escape from the Sarlacc?
A: No. Once the Sarlaac becomes tapped, the targeted unit takes 2 damage at the start of each Character battle as long as Sarclacc remains tapped.

Q: What if I somehow untap the Sarlacc? Can it then tap down 2 units?
A: No. As soon as the Sarlacc untaps (whether from your normal untap step or from some other card), its effect ends.

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