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Feature Article
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The Phantom Menace: Second Look

I’ve been given the privilege of bringing you 5 cards from the upcoming set, The Phantom Menace—2 Space units, 1 Ground unit, 1 Location—and 1 Dark Lord of the Sith! Let’s take a look at these cards, and see how they’ll interact with existing sets.

Stolen Tech and Lucky Ships

First up is a Dark Side Space unit: the Yinchorri Fighter, a 3 build point starfighter. For that 3 build you get 50 speed and 2 power/health, comparable to several TIE Fighters. However, this unit also includes free Retaliate 2 and Critical Hit 1. A good price, at 3 build. This card would fit nicely in any Dark Side deck.

Our second Space unit is Vilmarh Grahrk’s Inferno (A), a very nice addition from the Star Wars Expanded Universe. This sleek starfighter has 50 speed, 3 power/health, with Critical Hit 1. Not bad, but include its Lucky 2, and the Inferno suddenly gets even more interesting. The ability to reroll 2 attack dice, both yours and your opponent's, is simply awesome. Add a Pilot with Evade/Critical Hit and this machine becomes very hard to kill.

As a neutral unit, the Inferno has options. Light Side players will want to throw on Obi-Wan Kenobi (J), Adi Gallia (A), Saesee Tiin (A), or Luke Skywalker (E). I suggest Luke (E). That way, you’ll use Lucky to its best effect.

Team Luke with R2-D2 (H), and you get a unit with 60 speed, 4 power, 3 health, Critical Hit 5, Lucky 2, and “Pay 2 Force Arrow Evade 2”. Think about that—reroll two of your attack dice to get that Crit 5, or reroll two dice to get rid of some of that damage flying your way.

For you Dark Side folk, try adding Darth Vader (D). That’s for the same build as Luke and R2, with stats that are pretty nice as well. Either way, a piloted Inferno hits hard and is in turn hard to kill.

The Corridors of Power

Next, let’s walk the Corridors of Power. This Ground Location states, “When the build step starts, you may either put a Credit counter on this Location or remove all Credit counters on it. For each Credit counter you remove, you gain 1 extra build point this turn.”

Think of this as your own little build point bank. However, you’ll need to protect your assets. Any deck packing this card will also need to include Search for the Rebels, in order to take care of your opponent’s Ground Locations. While we’re at it, throw in Dark Cave as well—both these cards are very similar; they’re definitely good fits in any deck designed to thrive on many rounds of play.

"Sebulba There Is Going to Win, I Think..."

A few months ago, we saw Anakin’s Podracer (A). Now we have its rival, Sebulba’s Podracer (A). Similar in stats, Sebulba’s is 80 speed, 2 power, and 4 health. But its activated ability more than makes up for its 6 build cost:

“Tap Arrow Put 3 damage on a unit in the Ground arena and 1 damage on this unit. Play when this unit would attack.”

With Sebulba’s Podracer (A) as neutral, the Dark Side finally gets a unit comparable to the Rebel Armored Freerunner, while the Light Side gets another direct damage unit. The Freerunner already combos nicely with the untap Battle card Power Dive. Sebulba’s Podracer (A) not only benefits from Power Dive, but can use both Power Dive and Clever Escape. With a good draw, a player could deal out 12 direct damage before his/her opponent would be able to attack. Needless to say, 12 damage counters can go a long way, especially against a variety of Ground setups. And if you team this unit with some cheap speeders, such as Snowspeeder Rogue Two or Bespin Twin-Pod Cloud Car, those untap Battle cards won’t go to waste.

A Chilling Specter of Evil

How about one more card? Darth Sidious (D) officially welcomes back Force Denial. His stats are adequate, but when Sidious (D) is in play, each of your opponent’s Force-activated abilities cost 2 more Force to play. Wow! That pretty much nukes most Evade abilities, and generally annoys the heck out of your opponent.

If you throw Yoda (C) back into your Light Side deck, remember you’ll now have to use 4 Force to tap-and-zap. So which will it be—Evade my attack, or zap me? Feeling lucky, you little green punk? This works even better if Sidious can dig up his pet Nexus; at which point Light Side will be unable to use activated abilities without needing to have serious Force-gain abilities as well.

Well that’s all the previews I have for you today. Happy deck building!

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