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Ask Wizards

Do you have a question about the Star Wars Trading Card Game or Wizards of the Coast? Send it to (Be sure to put SW TCG in the subject line!). We'll post a new question and answer each week.

Remember that if you have questions about rules or want to talk to customer service about the game, just email them at:

April 6, 2005: Where can I find out about 2005's Star Wars TCG tournaments and championship?

Answer: Check out the Star Wars TCG Premier Series 2005 tournament format document page.

March 1, 2005: Are there any changes to the banned/restricted list for March?

Answer: No additional cards are being added to the banned/restricted list at this time.

December 9, 2004: Some effects, such as Twilight of the Republic, may cause a player to have more than one build step each turn. What happens with triggered abilities or other effects that trigger "When your build step starts..."?

Answer: Triggered abilities and effects that trigger "When your build step starts...." or "At the start of your build step..." only trigger the first time your build step starts each turn. This also includes Draw, Upkeep, and Bounty.

November 19, 2004: Suppose I have two units that both have Intercept and Retaliate. If I have enough Force, can I have one of them intercept and then retaliate, and then have the other intercept and then retaliate, and then have the first one go back and intercept and retaliate again, etc.?

Answer: No. Each ability that a unit has can only be used once for each chance you get to use it. Each time a unit attacks, each enemy unit can use each of its Retaliate and Intercept abilities once. During another attack in the same turn, those units can use those abilities again once. Other abilities work a little differently. For instance, you get a chance to use Evade or Deflect each time a unit is damaged.

November 5, 2004: What happened to #54 in Return of the Jedi, Jabba the Hutt (B)?

Answer: Return of the Jedi was printed at a new facility, and unfortunately, due to an error, Jabba the Hutt (A) wound up appearing twice on our printing sheet; once in its normal location, but also in Jabba (B)'s slot. This means that Jabba (A) will appear twice as often as normal, and Jabba (B) will not appear at all. By the time the error was discovered it was too late to reprint all of the cards. We plan on having Jabba the Hutt (B) appear in a future set.

November 3, 2004: What if all of the units in an arena are tapped? Is there a chance to deploy a unit with Hidden Cost to that arena after the last unit is done, but before we move on to the next arena?

Answer: Yes. There is a PoP chance before moving on to the next arena.

November 2, 2004: What if you’re deploying a card with Hidden Cost to a stack?

Answer: Follow the normal stacking rules. If you are deploying to the bottom of the stack, the cost is 1. If you are deploying to the top, and the new unit is cheaper than the old, the cost is 1. If you are deploying to the top, and the new unit is more expensive, the cost is the difference +1.

October 29, 2004: Is Hidden Cost subject to Darth Sidious (D)'s ability?

Answer: No. Darth Sidious (D) affects activated abilities. Hidden Cost is not an activated ability; it’s a static ability.

October 7, 2004: I had a question about the Death Star (C) strategy discussed in the recent Blockade article. I believe there might have been a mistake.

The article explained that when using the Death Star (C), you retreat your Ground units. You then use the Death Star to blow up the Ground arena. You bring back your Ground units. You Blockade. You win.

After the units retreat, though, how would it be possible to bring them back?

Answer: The strategy is valid; however, it should have explicitly stated: You retreat your Ground units. You blow up Ground. Next turn, you bring back your Ground units. You Blockade. You win.

September 7, 2004: Are there any updates to the banned/restricted list?

Answer: Our apologies for slipping past the Sept. 1 announcement date. Please note that there are no changes to banned/restricted list at this time.

September 2, 2004: When will the next SW: TCG expansion set be previewed?

Answer: The next expansion, Return of the Jedi, is due out this November. So look for the first previews to run in October!

August 13, 2004: How does Hound's Tooth (A) interact with Pilots like Wedge Antilles (B)? I have heard some conflicting rulings.

Answer: Sorry about any confusion that may be out there. The Tooth simply gains Pilot abilities exactly. In this case, the Tooth gains +20 speed, +2 power, Accuracy 1, and: "When this Speeder would be damaged, prevent 2 of that damage." However, since the Tooth is a Transport, Wedge's last ability will do nothing (unless of course some other card modified the Tooth to gain the Speeder subtype).

August 12, 2004: How does the build point ability of Vilmarh Grahrk (A) interact with the build roll changing ability of Theed Power Generator? Which one resolves first, and can the Location change the roll to screw up Vilmarh?

Answer: These are both triggered abilities (when the roll for build points is made…). If more than one triggered ability wants to resolve at the same time, the Dark Side resolves one of theirs first, then if the Dark Side has no other triggered abilities waiting to resolve, the Light Side may start resolving theirs (ESB rulebook, pg. 27). So in this case, it depends on who controls Villy and the Power Generator. If it is the same player, they can have them resolve in whatever order they want. If it is a Dark Side and a Light Side player, the Dark Side player goes first, and then the Light Side player.

August 5, 2004: The original ruling for Emperor's Prize stated: "If a unit is discarded by placing damage counters on it, and the damage counters were at least double the unit’s health, then you may play Emperor’s Prize to bring the unit back into play." However, this does not make it clear if the damage counters are only the ones that were just placed and caused the unit to be discarded, or the total on the unit when it was discarded. Which is it?

Answer: Emperor's Prize considers all damage counters on a unit (not only those that have just been placed) when bringing that unit back into play.

July 29, 2004: Durge (A) states: "When Durge is discarded from the Character arena, you may return him to your hand." In Disguise states: "Pay 3 Force, Discard one of your Characters from the Character arena Arrow You may put a Character card with build cost equal to or less than the discarded Character from your hand into the Character arena. Put damage counters on the new unit equal to the number of damage counters that were on the discarded unit."

If I play In Disguise and choose Durge (A) as my target, can I select Durge as the card to put into play from my hand (i.e., does Durge's triggered effect resolve as soon as he goes into the discard pile, or does it wait for In Disguise to finish)?

Answer: It waits. From pg. 26 of the ESB rulebook: When an ability triggers (in this case, Durge's return to hand), it doesn’t take effect until after the event that triggered it. It also waits until after any current reroll or damage prevention chances. So in this case, Durge would wait in the discard pile until after In Disguise was done, and then go to your hand.

July 21, 2004: How is Duel of the Fates handled in tournaments? If someone plays a "fog" card, do we just move on to the next battle step? What if one of my units has a tap ability, such as Bogwing?

Answer: Good questions! It's clear to me that this card was templated poorly. The FAQ attempted to answer these questions, but a more precise answer on Duel of the Fates is needed for tournament play.

The main question is what happens when players do not "agree" about ending the battle step. The answer lies in looking at the overall game state at the end of each repeated step. If there has been no change to the game state, then move on to the next arena. If there has been any change to the game state (Force totals, damage on a unit, increasing the stats of a unit, deck size, hand size, etc.), then repeat the battle step. Please note, it is perfectly reasonable to allow someone to loop for as many times as they wish. For example, if one player can demonstrate a loop that gives one of his other units +10 speed, but nothing else is happening, it is reasonable to let him state how many times he would like to repeat this loop, and then move on.

So, to answer the specific questions, if someone plays a fog card and both players agree that no one can do damage, then move on. If one of the players thinks the game should loop, check and see if the game state is changing. If it is, repeat; if it is not, move on. Therefore, a Bogwing + Peace on Naboo + Duel of the Fates = someone is probably getting decked (barring cards in hand, etc.).

—Henry Stern

July 15th, 2004: Does Lucky stack? For example, Anakin Skywalker (J) gives a unit he pilots Lucky 2. If he pilots Anakin's Podracer (A), which already has Lucky 1, does the Podracer now have Lucky 3? And how does this work if the Podracer only has Power 2?

Answer: First of all, Lucky does stack (same as Accuracy).

As you show in your example, this means it's sometimes possible for units to gain a higher Lucky value than their Power. This works the same way as Jar Jar Binks (B)—when attacking, if your unit's Lucky is higher than its Power, you would reroll dice equal to its Power. Likewise, when defending and your opponent's unit has Power less than your unit's Lucky, you would reroll dice equal to your opponent's Power.

July 8th, 2004: Lando's Influence states: "When any Battle step starts, you gain control of one of your opponent's neutral units in that arena…" Although this says any Battle step, can Lando's Influence affect the Space Battle?

Answer: No, since the "Battle step starts" resolution takes place in the Space arena before any Play or Pass chances—meaning, you are past the trigger step for the Space Battle and cannot play Lando's Influence to affect Space units.

The exception is if Ground and Space combats are somehow reversed through a Location card.

June 29, 2004: How does Darth Sidious (D)s’ ability interact with Nexu?

Answer: An activated ability that normally has no Force cost is not affected by Darth Sidious (D). However, Nexu increases the cost of each activated ability by 1 Force, thereby meeting Sidious’ Force cost condition. If an ability did not normally cost Force, having Nexu and Sidious (D) would result in a cost of 3 Force. Thus, Nexu and Sidious (D) work very well together.

June 24, 2004: I saw that Darth Sidious (D) has the ability: "Each of your opponent's Force-activated abilities costs 2 more Force to play." Does this affect all activated abilities?

Answer: No, only Force-activated abilities. These state: "Pay X Force Arrow [ability]", such as Chewbacca (E)'s "Pay 3 Force Arrow Retaliate 8", or Yoda (C)'s "tap and zap". These also include abilities which specifically state: "Pay 0 Force Arrow [ability]".

However, Darth Sidious (D) does not affect non-Force-activated abilities, such as those which state: "TapArrow [ability]". For example, Jawa Sandcrawler's ability: "TapArrow Draw 2 cards, then discard 2 cards from your hand. Play only during your build step," is not Force-activated, and so would not be affected by Sidious (D).

June 02, 2004: I noticed that your June 1st announcement did not mention Ugnaughts. Are Ugnaughts going to be legal again for SW:TCG come June 20th?

Answer: No, the June 1st announcement gave the *additions* to the banned and restricted lists. Ugnaughts are still banned. You can always look up the current banned and restricted lists here. The SW:TCG floor rules will also list the current banned and restricted lists.

May 27, 2004: I noticed in your Phantom Menace preview card of Anakin's Podracer that it is not unique. Is this an error? I thought that all of the "personalized" vehicles and ships are unique?

Answer: Good catch! Yes, do to an unfortunate error (one that we have identified and which should not happen again), the version letter was inadvertently left off Anakin's and Sebulba's Podracers, as well as the new Sith Infiltrator. We are going to errata these 3 cards so that they are unique (Anakin's and Sebulba's Podracers are version (A), the Sith Infiltrator is version (B)). In fact, there will be a promotional version of Anakin's Podracer that includes its unique identifier.—Henry Stern, SW:TCG R&D Lead

May 24, 2004: Suppose I have Millennium Falcon (F) and an undamaged Character with 5 health in play. My opponent has played Painful Reckoning. My opponent then attacks that Character and rolls 3 hits. Can I use the Falcon to save the Character?

Answer: Good question. The short answer is no.

The medium length answer is that both Painful Reckoning and Millennium Falcon (F) are replacement effects, and that the Painful Reckoning happens *after* the Falcon.

The long answer is complex, but here goes. The Falcon (F)'s ability is a static replacement effect. It happens at the end of the Play or Pass damage prevention step (i.e., everyone is done playing damage prevention effects). It will only kick in if the incoming damage is greater than the unit’s remaining health. So in this case, with only 3 incoming damage, the Falcon's effect cannot be invoked. Painful Reckoning is also a replacement effect. However, it replaces the actual placement of damage counters—in this case, replacing the placement of 3 damage counters with the placement of the original 3, plus 3 extra counters, or 6 counters total.

May 20, 2004: Can I use the Millennium Falcon (F)'s ability more than once per turn? If I can, does the "not untapping" clause build up for future turns, or does one turn of not untapping satisfy this?

Answer: You can use the Millennium Falcon (F)'s ability whenever one of your Characters would be damaged and discarded. If you use it, you must tap the Falcon as part of its effect. So yes, you can use it more than once per turn. While the "does not untap" clauses do stack up, one turn of not untapping satisfies them all.

May 17, 2004: What happens if I play Vader's Vengeance when I have Cloud City Battleground in play?

Answer: Cloud City Battleground reduces the cost of playing Battle cards. For example, if a Battle card started: "Pay 4 Force Arrow Effect", you would then only have to pay 2 Force to play this card. Now, in some sense this still "works" with Vader's Vengeance. The only problem is that Vader’s Vengeance looks to see how much Force was paid for it. So, you can pay 2 less Force, but your unit would gain 2 less power.

May 13, 2004: If I play Dark Sacrifice on a Big Asteroid, is its bonus granted to the two Medium Asteroids that come out?

Answer: No. The bonus from Dark Sacrifice is granted before the two Medium Asteroids come out. Likewise, if played on Medium Asteroid, the bonus is granted before the two Small Asteroids come out.

May 11, 2004: I noticed on the DCI announcement page that the DCI has changed when the Banned and Restricted announcements go into effect. I am going to a Star Wars TCG Championship Series Qualifier on June 26, so I want to know if this is going to affect SW:TCG as well?

Answer: Yes, all of Wizards of the Coast's games fall under the DCI banner, and so this change affects SW:TCG as well. Any card bannings or restrictions that are announced on June 1st will be in effect for tournaments held on or after June 20th.

May 10, 2004: If I have the Star Destroyer from Battle of Yavin in play, can I use Splinter the Republic to get the Star Destroyer {RaS} from Rogues and Scoundrels?

Answer: Since Splinter the Republic's only requirement is that you get a card with the same name—and these cards do have the same name, even if they are different (non-unique) cards—then yes, you can splinter out another Star Destroyer. Similarly, you could also splinter out the Rogues and Scoundrels Space Slug {RaS} if the Empire Strikes Back Space Slug is in play, and vice versa.

May 6, 2004: What if I use Yoda (I) to rearrange the stack of a character that is piloting a unit?

Answer: First of all, this is legal to do. Even though the piloting Character stack is no longer a "unit” (since it is piloting), it is still a Character—so Yoda (I)'s ability can be used against it. If you do use it, and a non-Pilot version of that character is put on top of the stack, then the Pilot falls off whatever it is piloting. The Pilot is then put either into the Character arena or the build zone, your choice.

April 29, 2004: What is up with Chewbacca (H)—isn't "Retaliate" supposed to be an activated ability?

Answer: Yes, there should be a "Pay 0 Force Arrow" in front of his Retaliate.

April 26, 2004: What happens if I am using Lando Calrissian (F) to store cards, and then my opponent somehow gains control of him (with Lando's Influence, for example)—does my opponent get to draw my cards?

Answer: No. We have a meta-rule here at Wizards of the Coast that other people’s cards should never wind up in your hand or library—both because we don’t want people walking off with someone else's cards, and also because it opens up a ton of other questions (i.e., what if I have different card sleeves, what if the card is discarded, etc.). Because of this, treat Lando Calrissian (F)'s second ability as: "TapArrow Put all face-down cards under Lando into their owner's hand."

April 22, 2004: What happens if I’m playing in a SW:TCG tournament and time is called on the match?

Answer: If you look at the Floor Rules, you will see that once time is called, you continue to play as normal except that you no longer gain Force, draw cards, or roll for build points at the start of each turn. This also means that you do not gain +1 build for being in all 3 arenas. However, there are several units that you can still use in your build step to gain build points, such as San Hill (A). Also, while cards that trigger off the build roll—such as Princess Leia (G), or Yoda's Hut—will still trigger, cards that ask you to re-roll or modify the build roll—such as Cloud City Landing Platform—will not work.

April 20, 2004: How do you guys playtest SW:TCG?

Answer: We rely on both internal and external playtesters for most SW:TCG sets. Internally, we test the cards here in R&D; also, the guys over in Customer Service do a great job playtesting the set before it comes out and pointing out problems. However, the amount of time we can dedicate to internal playtesting is somewhat limited, and we recognize that we are NOT the best SW:TCG deck designers/builders! So, we also utilize external playtesters.

These external playtesters mostly give us feedback on constructed problems in the set. These playtesters must sign NDAs, and also cannot play in constructed events that use the new set until two weeks after its release date. Since we knew that Rogues and Scoundrels would be released close to the Qualifiers this year, we did not use external playtesters for the Rogues and Scoundrels set. —Henry Stern, SW:TCG R&D Lead

April 15, 2004: For his bounty, Bossk (A) allows you to search your opponent’s deck for each card with the same name as the Character you gained his bounty for, and then discard those cards. Would you still collect this bounty if Bossk (A) earned it but then left play?

Answer: Yes. Once a triggered ability has been generated, it doesn’t matter if its source leaves play. Just remember, you do not gain this bounty until your next build step.

April 8, 2004: Can Yoda (I) rearrange his own stack?

Answer: No. Yoda (I) states: "During your build step once, the cards in one of your other unique Character’s stacks rearrange you may, without spending any build points." That is, only one of your other unique Character's stacks.

April 2, 2004: When exactly do bounty hunters earn their bounty?

Answer: At the start of the next turn's build step. So if both players earned a bounty last turn, the Dark Side player would get his or her bounty first. Also, you may pay Upkeep before earning bounty; since these are both triggered abilities that trigger at the start of your build step, you can chose to deal with the Upkeep ability first, and then deal with the bounty.

December 3, 2003: Are there going to be a World's this year for Star Wars and if so, when are the qualifiers going to be held?

Answer: Yes, next year the Championship Series will be held again and will culminate in the 2004 Championship at Gen Con Indy. Just like this year there will be 20 qualifiers spread throughout the U.S. We will be starting the Series in early spring and have just started to contact organizers for locations and dates. - Kierin Chase, SWTCG Organized Play

October 24, 2003: In regards to JG: Card #86, Diplomatic Barge, If you move a Star Fighter back to the space arena after the Barge attacks, can it attack again?

Answer: Absolutely, once the Star Fighter is put into the arena, it can attack the next time that it could normally attack. Note that the Star Fighter will have to wait to attack until it is the fastest untapped unit. However because the Diplomatic Barge has only a twenty speed, most any Star Fighter that is put into the Space arena via the Barge will be able to attack immediately (assuming the Darkside doesn’t play any speed enhancers). - Bryan Zembruski, Wizards of the Coast Rules Support Team

October 15, 2003: Can a character use multiple activated abilities against a single attack. (For Example: Using Evade combined with Deflect)?

Answer: Absolutely, however a Unit cannot activate the same ability multiple times against the same attack. For instance you cannot use the same evade ability twice against one single attack. However it is perfectly ok to use both Evade and Deflect abilities against one single attack. - Bryan Zembruski, Wizards of the Coast Rules Support Team

September 29, 2003: About Tame the Beast, if I have a Krayt Dragon in the ground arena and my opponent plays a Tame the Beast on it, it says that he chooses what, and if it attacks until the end of the turn. So if he commands my dragon and it destroys one of my units does he get to command it again to attack another unit of his choice?

Answer: Absolutely, the Krayt untaps after the unit it attacked is discarded and gets the option of attacking again. Since it had Tame the Beast played on it, the player that actually “Tamed” the Krayt gets to make all attack decisions for it until the end of the turn. That player can then decide to either have the Krayt Dragon not attack, or to have it attack another of their opponent’s unit’s in hopes of discarding it. The Controller of the Krayt Dragon can repeat the attack process as many times as the Krayts untap ability triggers.

September 3, 2003:If I have a triple-stacked Yoda (E) and play Hero's Potential twice, first on the (D) version, then on the (B) version, can I then resolve the end of turn effects in the order of my choosing to end up with Yoda (D) on top permanently? - Greg D.

Answer: Yes, you can. If the (D) version is on top when you play the 2nd HP, you can then resolve the 1st HP's end of turn effect first, putting (D) on the bottom of the stack (even though it's not currently on top), then resolve the 2nd HP's end of turn effect, which puts the (D) version back on top. After all, the (D) version was on top when you played the 2nd HP. - Matt Hyra, Wizards of the Coast Rules Support Team

August 20, 2003:I have Darth Vader in play and my opponent has Anakin in play. I then finish building Call for Reinforcements. Can I choose to have the contested unit bidding happen before the Call takes effect? - Shelly M.

Answer: You can't choose to. It already does happen that way. The check for contested units is a game rule and will take precedence over any triggered effects at the start of the battle phase. Nice trick, by the way! If you win, you don't pick Character. If you get outbid, you pick Character and the bidding starts all over again. - Matt Hyra, Wizards of the Coast Rules Support Team

August 13, 2003:What do I do with a face down unit or Mission card in my build zone that has no build counters on it? Is it still considered 'partially built'? - Quinn T.

Answer: You just leave it there in the build zone face down. It is still considered partially built even without any build counters on it.
For those who are wondering, a partially built card could end up with no build counters on it due to cards like Contingency Plan and Darth Tyranus (F). - Matt Hyra, Wizards of the Coast Rules Support Team

August 6, 2003:Can I use the Reserves ability of Tyranus's Solar Sailer (B) anytime? Even when there's no attack dice being rolled and no damage happening? - Karl G.

Answer: Yes, you can. However, it won't prevent any damage that may happen later that turn. - Matt Hyra, Wizards of the Coast Rules Support Team

July 30, 2003:"Zam Wesell (D)'s game text says:
'Each turn, choose one:
-Zam's speed, power, and health are 60/4/3, and she has Critical Hit 2.
-Zam's speed, power, and health are 20/4/5, and she has Accuracy 1.'

When does the 'each turn' trigger?
And, if you fail to change her during a subsequent turn, does she stay what she was last turn?- Tom W.

Answer: You choose her stats when she is first deployed and then at the beginning of each subsequent Ready Phase. If you fail to change her at the beginning of a subsequent Ready Phase, then she stays what she was last turn. - Matt Hyra, Wizards of the Coast Rules Support Team

July 16, 2003:"Zam Wesell (D)'s game text says:
'Each turn, choose one:
-Zam's speed, power, and health are 60/4/3, and she has Critical Hit 2.
-Zam's speed, power, and health are 20/4/5, and she has Accuracy 1.'

Does Zam D get +10 speed, +1 power, +1 health for every card stacked underneath?- M. Davey

Answer: Yes, indeed she does. Whatever you pick is considered to be the printed value for the turn, then you add any stacking bonuses to that. - Matt Hyra, Wizards of the Coast Rules Support Team

July 9, 2003:"If Darth Sidious (A) is in the Character arena, and an effect specifically references a 'face-down card' that is partially built in the Light Side's build zone, can this effect be used, or must you wait to play it until the partially built card (or cards) is face-down again?" - Mike

Answer: You can still use the effect. Having Sidious (A) in play does not prevent those effects from being used. - Matt Hyra, Wizards of the Coast Rules Support Team

June 25, 2003: When I build a unit, am I forced to move it to its proper arena immediately or am I able to leave it in the build zone untapped? - Patrick

Answer: During setup, you must move it into its arena. During the Command Phase (the normal build time each turn) you do not have to move it to its arena if you don't wish to. You can leave it in your build zone untapped. The next version of the rulebook (Empire) will make this more clear. - Matt Hyra, Wizards of the Coast Rules Support Team

June 18, 2003: With Dannik Jerriko (A), if I play Brutal Assault on him, does the 'remove 1 damage counter' take place before or after the damage dealt by Brutal Assault occurs? e.g. If Dannik has no damage counters on himself and uses Brutal Assault, can he remove the damage caused by Brutal Assault on himself, straight away? - Nick

Answer: The Brutal Assault damage takes place after his attack. If he deals damage during his Brutalized attack and already has pre-existing damage on himself, he can remove a damage counter. After his attack ends, the 2 points of Brutal Assault damage will trigger his ability, so he can remove a point of damage then as well.

Thanks for the question, Nick. I tried out your combo, liked it, and now it appears in this weeks deck! - Matt Hyra, Wizards of the Coast Rules Support Team

June 11, 2003: When are you going to start previewing Jedi Guardians cards? - Scores of players

Answer:Today! - Star Wars TCG Web Team

June 4, 2003: Jump to Lightspeed states: 'Return one of your units from the Space arena to your hand.' Does that mean I could use the overload ability of the Droid Starfighter DFS-1VR, return it to my hand and still deal damage do the defending unit? - Nick

Answer: No. You can't play this card after dice have been rolled, because it doesn't allow you to reroll dice or prevent damage. Those are the only things you can do after dice have been rolled. Use it to keep a Space unit from being damaged in the first place. - Matt Hyra, Wizards of the Coast Rules Support Team

May 28, 2003: Concerning cards like Han's Evasion... Is that damage prevention good for one attack against the unit or does it prevent all damage from each unit in the arena? - Bryan

Answer: Just for that one attack. If the card meant for the prevention to last for the rest of the battle phase it would say so. And it would cost a whole lot more Force. - Matt Hyra, Wizards of the Coast Rules Support Team

May 21, 2003: I was using Bail Organa (A) whose text says that you may tap Bail and the opponent can either choose a unit to tap or pay 4 force. Can he choose to tap an already tapped unit? - C.Y.

Answer: Yes. On some cards, it specifically states that one must choose an untapped unit to tap, but Bail does not, so your opponent may choose an already tapped unit. - Matt Hyra, Wizards of the Coast Rules Support Team

May 7, 2003: Will Empire Strikes Back have Pre-con decks?

Answer: There are plans for a revised Starter game but not peconstructed decks. - Chris Erb, SWTCG Marketing Manager

April 30, 2003: If I put Vader's Fury on a Droid Starfighter DFS-1VR will it be able to attack everything before it self-destructs? If it does can I use Han's Evasion? - Norman

Answer: No, it will self-destruct after the first attack. Han's Evasion would grant the Starfighter only one additional attack. There's one card that will allow it to attack everything without self-destructing at all: Deflectors Activated. - Matt Hyra, Wizards of the Coast Rules Support Team

April 23, 2003: Will there be Phantom Menace cards in Jedi Guardians?

Answer: The release is mainly focused on Episode II but you may see a card or two in there...maybe! - Chris Erb, SWTCG Marketing Manager

April 16, 2003: My friend found a Han Solo preview card in an A New Hope booster pack. Do you plan to ever include preview cards in future sets? - Brandon

Answer: Yes we will be doing preview cards in future sets. As a matter of fact there will be 2 in the Jedi Guardians set! - Chris Erb, SWTCG Marketing Manager

April 9, 2003: Why is the Millennium Falcon (C) a neutral card? Isn't it flying to Yavin IV? - Denny

Answer: The key in this is that the Millennium Falcon itself is a neutral vessel - in this case a unique transport. However, at times the Falcon is used by various factions.

In the first half of the film, when the Falcon served as a chartered transport, it is a neutral vessel. In theory, if Han had been paid enough money by an Imperial agent, he'd have taken the contract to deliver Imperial goods or passengers. It is only later in the film, after the Falcon escapes from the Death Star (or is allowed to escape), that the Falcon's allegiance begins to shift to an exclusive affiliation with the light side, according to the history of Star Wars.

So why does the Millennium Falcon (C) (a neutral card) show it flying towards Yavin IV? Isn't that after the escape from the Death Star?

The answer lies in the fact that it was the Falcon that led the dark side to the rebel base - thanks to an Emperial tracking device onboard. So in this instance the transport was used by the Dark Side to track the rebels, and thus a single example of how the Empire could use the Falcon to their advantage.

You are correct in noting that card images do attempt to depict affiliation when possible. If you note on the Millennium Falcon (A) and the Millennium Falcon (B), the illustration on the card depicts the falcon in battle against the Empire which shows that at those times, the Falcon could not be affiliated with the dark side. - Star Wars TCG Team

April 2, 2003: I am wondering if (and hoping!) you will include a card for the Techno Union Tank in the upcoming Jedi Guardians expansion. This is the tank with one big tread that runs length-wise around the tank. - Chris

Answer: Generally speaking, it is against our policy to say whether or not a particular card is under development, unless that card is selected as a preview card which is shown prior to the release of the product. With the set still a few months off, the final cardlist is unavailable to the public. We can, however, say that Jedi Guardians will feature Attack of the Clones content predominantly, which make it possible that this card could exist in that set. So while it is a good question, you'll just have to wait and see! - Star Wars TCG Team

March 27, 2003: How do you decide on what expansion(s) you will make? What are some of your reasons for making the expansions that are already released? Any ideas on future expansions? What can we expect in future expansions as far as cards? - Mike

Answer: When we are determining the release schedule for card sets there are several factors that help determine what will come next. As our license with Lucasfilm includes all of the movies as well as the expanded universe, there is a wealth of cards that can be made. We started with Attack of the Clones as the release of the cardset was in direct relation to the release of the movie, and it just made the most sense. Once the set was done, we started to look at our development schedule to determine where to go next. With the prequal trilogy still in development, we felt it would be best to start on the classic trilogy next.

One of the biggest factors in determining what to develop next is the schedule of how many sets we can release in a given year. Once the game was released, it was determined that we could develop three expansions per year. With that in mind, we put A New Hope on the schedule with the thoughts that we would follow that slot up every year with the next movie. Thus you'll see Empire Strikes Back coming out this year around the same time A New Hope did last year. As we also have Attack of the Clones cards out there as well, we will also continue to flesh out the prequal trilogy leading up to Episode III.

As far as what cards to expect in the future? You'll just have to think about what expansions are coming and imagine what we're cooking up! :) - Star Wars TCG Team

March 19, 2003: How do you select what card image will appear on a card? - Jon, Florida

Answer: The process of selecting a card starts with the art description provided by R&D. When they design a card, they typically have a good idea of what image from they film they want depicted. From that description we search for the shot on the media provided to us by Lucasfilm. This media differs depending on what movie the expansion is based on because the most recent movies all have digital imagery available, where cards based on the initial trilogy have to be scanned in from the original 35mm film. Once we find the correct scene in the film, we have to search for a frame in the movie that is visably appealing. With so much action in these movies, it's sometimes hard to find a frame that does not have a lot of motion blur in it. In the end, once we find a good frame, that image is sent to typsetting. Once the final image selection is approved by both internal QA and Lucasfilm, it is locked in and set for printing. - Dave Woods, Art Director

March 12, 2003: When will the Card Lists for Promo Cards be updated? Will images of these ever be posted? In the new Unleashed figures released this summer, will there be promo cards included in those new figures? - Kat

Answer: Thanks for asking! We've updated the Promo Card List to bring it up to date showing promo cards #'s 1-19. In addition, we've received most of the card images to put up on the website so they are now in Autocard for you to see! As far as the new Unleashed figures coming out, there will not be promo cards in these new figures. We will however continue to bring you promo cards via Jedi Knights and other avenues. - Daniel Stahl, Managing Web Producer

March 5, 2003: My question is in regards to the Darth Tyranus (A) card from the AOTC set. At what point in AOTC did the image of Tyranus that appears on card A (w/two lightsabers) come from? I bring up this question because I don't remember seeing him use two sabers, either in the original movie or in any deleted scene on the AOTC DVD. - Derrik, Indianapolis

Answer: First of all, I'd suggest going back through the Attack of the Clones DVD and this time watch the "Making Of" documentary where you do actually get to see the filming of Christopher Lee wielding two lightsabers-- but while the scene was shot on set, the footage was cut from the film early in the editing process, before final effects were added. However, a few individual shots such as this one had digital effects added to it by ILM for early product development purpose. Since the shot was available, we thought it made for an intriguing card image. - Daniel Stahl, Managing Web Producer

February 26, 2003: What was the inspiration behind Tantive IV (A)'s ability (When it is discarded, your opponent loses 3 Force)? It's a COOL ability, but I want to know. - Alison

Answer: In the Star Wars universe, the capture of Tantive IV seemed like a good thing for the Empire. They captured a Rebel sympathizer or traitor (take your pick) in Princess Leia, and it appeared likely that they would recover the stolen plans of their planet-killing battle station. All good stuff.

As destiny, or the guiding hand of the Force, would have it, it was ultimately terrible for the Empire. The escape pod descent to the surface of dust-blown Tatooine leads directly to the involvement of the person most able to destroy the Death Star: the young Force-strong hero and skilled pilot, Luke Skywalker. It even gets more famous and soon-to-be-famous people entangled in the mess: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Han Solo, and Chewbacca. It even binds the seemingly-irrelevent two droids to the adventurers of the heroes, who despite themselves manage to to save the Rebels time and time again.

Maybe the Empire would have been better off letting Tantive IV go. - David Eckelberry, SWTCG R&D

February 19, 2003: What movies are going to be the used for the Jedi Guardians expansion? - Kerr

Answer: Even though the set is still under development, we do have a good idea of what material we would like to see in the set. As we move forward with expansions we decide on a list of characters and items to represent the set. For Jedi Guardians our source material is predominantly taken from Episode 2: Attack of the Clones. - Chris Erb, SWTCG Marketing Manager

February 12, 2003: I am wondering what the rationale behind Cliegg Lars A's game text is? Why did you design the card so that the Light Side player must lose 1 Force just to deploy Cliegg? - Chris

Answer: In the SWTCG most cards have positive abilities that give them some sort of bonus or trick that they can do during gameplay. There are however a few cards, such as Cliegg Lars (A), that have negative abilities. They can have such negative abilities either to adjust their costing, to indicate something about their flavor in the Star Wars universe, or even just to make them weaker than other cards. - David Eckelberry, SWTCG R&D

February 5, 2003: In the A New Hope instruction manual, there are 2 cards it list that are not available yet. Are these going to be future cards in response to the current movies and future one? The cards in question are Beru Whitesun, and Padme Skywalker. Thanks. - Kat

Answer: One of the things we've learned from our experience with trading card games is that rulebooks tend to stay around and get used for a long time after they were published. So when we publish a rulebook, we do so with the idea that this book will need to be as relevant today as well as a few years down the road. As far as Beru Whitesun and Padme Skywalker, these were known examples of characters that could potentially run into a situation where their card names differed because of a name change during the movies. So to answer your question without giving away too much, it is possible that these cards may show up down the road, but as of yet, they have not been created. - Daniel Stahl, Managing Web Producer

January 29, 2003: Why is the Dianoga (A) card in the A New Hope set Unique? - Matthijs

Answer: Well there are two reasons for this:
(1) From a gameplay standpoint, we didn't want to see more than one of the creature in play. The development team thought the card was fine if there was one of it, but we were wary of having four. (That would be little out of flavor for A New Hope)
(2) We wanted to represent this card not as "a" dianoga, but as "the" dianoga of Death Star trash compactor fame. Thus he is the unique one and only Dianoga (A). - David Eckelberry, SWTCG R&D

January 22, 2003: I'm confused. Why is the Han Solo preview card listed as independant & neutral? Why isn't he affiliated with the light side? - Mihail,Ukraine

Answer: The basic answer to this is that a card's affiliation has a direct correlation to a time frame in the movies. When it comes to characters, you may see multiple cards for a character with different affiliations depending on what time frame each character card represents. The clearest example of this is Anakin Skywalker (A) who as a Jedi Padawan affiliated with the light side, yet Darth Vader (A) is a Sith Lord affiliated with the dark side. They are essentially the same character, yet have different affiliations to represent their shift during the story. Similarly, the Han Solo (promo) represents a time in A New Hope when Han was clearly an independent and neutral to the conflict of light versus dark. (You'll note that the character's picture gives you the snapshot of what timeframe the affiliation is representing). However, you will see that as Han makes decisions throughout the story his affiliation will change to reflect his new perspective. - Daniel Stahl, Managing Web Producer

January 15, 2003: I've been hearing rumors that future expansions are not going to be 180 for big sets and 90 cards for small sets. Can you confirm this? - Tim, USA

Answer: Set sizes can change from time to time depending on the new mechanics and desired content. Battle of Yavin and Jedi Guardians are both going to be 105 cards. And yes, the November set will be larger than 180 cards. That being said the sets we are working on for 2004 don't have confirmed sizes yet and it looks like they may even be bigger! - Chris Erb, SWTCG Marketing Manager

January 8, 2003: I must have read the Contested Unique Units page in the A New Hope rulebook ten times, but I still don't feel like I understand it completely. Can you please explain it more clearly? - Steve, Oregon

Answer:The rules for contested unique units in the Attack of the Clones and A New Hope rulebooks aren't completely clear and don't cover certain possibilities. So we've rewritten them. We will be posting these in our Rules section on this site for clarification. The new, improved rules for contested unique units are as follows:

If both players have a unique unit with the same name in battle at any time during the battle phase, the two units are contested.

When units are contested, players bid Force to win the contest. The bidding starts with the Dark Side player, who makes his or her first Force bid (of 0 or more). Then the Light Side player makes his or her first Force bid (of 0 or more). After that, bidding continues to alternate between the two players until neither player wants to raise his or her Force bid. Players can't bid more Force than they currently have.

When the bidding ends, each player adds his or her unit's total build cost and final Force bid. (Total build cost includes +1 for each card stacked under the unit.) The player with the higher total wins the bid. (The Dark Side wins ties.)

The winner of the contest pays Force equal to his or her final Force bid, and his or her unit stays in battle. The losing player pays no Force, and his or her unit retreats without tapping.

If there is more than one pair of contested units, the Dark Side player chooses which pair to bid on first. - SWTCG Rules Team

December 18, 2002:Why are Tie Fighter pilots not Clones? Is a it game standpoint or what? I mean from the Empire's standpoint I think it would be great to have clones for your ships that take advantage of their "father" Jango's piloting abilities.- Derrick, USA

Answer:There are a couple reasons why a card may or may not include various subtype information. The first, most obvious, reason is that there may not be room on the text line to include as much information as we'd like. The second is in regards to what is considered verified information. In the case of the TIE Figther pilots, it is unclear that all (if any) TIE Figther pilots are clones. If you look around the Death Star for example, you can find other examples of Imperial troops who's faces aren't shown and may or may not be clones. The Death Star Turbolaser Gunner, would be an example of this. So until we receive official verification that TIE Fighter Pilots are clones, we can't make that assumption. Besides, if I were going to clone pilots, I could think of a few better pilots to replicate other than Jango. - Henry Stern, SWTCG Research & Development

December 10, 2002:The website says there will be a sealed portion at the 2003 Championships, and that it will involve us building decks from 5 booster packs. Any idea what sets those 5 packs will be from? - Joe, Atlanta

Answer: The Star Wars TCG Championship 2003 will use the DCI floor rules for Sealed Deck found here. The five sets will most likely be a combination of A New Hope, the upcoming March expansion Battle of Yavin, and the July expansion Jedi Guardians. We will playtest these sets to make sure we are comfortable with the balance and then announce the exact mix. Look for that announcement around 2 months before the Championship. - Kierin Chase, SWTCG Organized Play

December 03, 2002: Is there any chance that you will bring out sets based on series of books? Timothy Zahn's 'Heir to the Empire' series and the New Jedi Order series immediately spring to mind, rather than leaving out a large chunk of the SW universe. - David, England

Answer: Is there a chance, absolutely! Wizards of the Coast's Star Wars license covers the entire Star Wars universe, including the expanded material.

Everyone that works on the brand is a huge Star Wars fan, so of course we want to see all the material end up in our game. When will it happen? Probably not for a while because there is still a tremendous amount of great material we haven't covered yet and we want to get to that stuff first. - Chris Erb, SWTCG Marketing Manager

November 26, 2002: What is and what are some examples of questions that you can answer here?

Answer: The best way to think of is to imagine that you have a direct link to the people that create the game. This is your opportunity to ask questions of anyone who works on the game. So, with that in mind, some good questions to ask might be:

  • How do you decide what this card will do?
  • Why does this card have this ability and this one does not?
  • How do you playtest a new set?
  • How do you decide what characters will be in a set?
  • Why did it take forever to redesign this site?
  • In general, any question is free to be asked, but we'll try to focus on questions related to the game. Keep in mind that if you are looking for help with your product or need an urgent answer, you should always contant Customer Service at - Daniel Stahl, Managing Web Producer