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Battle of Yavin Illustrations

Battle Of Yavin

One of the most exciting tasks in creating the SW TCG is creating unique units that haven't appeared in the movies! As anyone Expanded Universe buff will tell you, there is a wealth of information about units and vehicles that exist in the Star Wars Universe that has been made available. One of the exciting benefits of this is that it allows our designers to create cards for anything that exists, even it if was never seen in one of the movies. Here are two Imperial vehicles with exclusive illustrations that you will soon be seeing when you open your Battle of Yavin booster packs!


The Juggernaut heavy assault vehicle is an old-style wheeled craft that still sees service with the Imperial forces assigned to the Outer Rim Territories. These hulking, cumbersome vehicles are dangerous and look about as powerful as they truly are. Five sets of massive wheels help the juggernaut lumber across most terrain types. The front and rear wheels turn independantly of each other, allowing it to navigate fairly effectively for a non-repulsor vehicle. Resembling a wheeled AT-AT, the juggernaut has a scanning tower, thick armor, and powerful weapons, including three heavy laser cannons, one medium blaster cannon, and two concussion grenade launchers.

Mobile Command Base

The tread driven Mobile Command Base gives Imperial field commanders a protected, mobile base of operations from which they can lead their ground forces. The armored outer hull is almost one meter thick and covered in reflective shielding. The interior command pod is encased within a second shell of armor, creating a secure cocoon from which field commanders can view ground actions. It can hold up to seven passengers, as well as its crew of three. A sophisticated sensor array gathers battlefield data for analysis by onboard computers to help the command personnel devise tactics and constantly update strategies. Each mobile command base has a heavy laser cannon, but this is more for defense than for offense. The vehicle is designed to provide a secure platform for battlesite observation and planning.

Look for these and other great Expanded Universe cards in your Battle of Yavin Boosters!