Top Space Unit Poll

We have a new poll for you this week -- and it's a biggie!

We've listed what we think are the current top 15 most-played space units. We want to know what you consider to be the best space unit in the game.

Deciding is not as easy as it looks. These space units are all very different, but each has its own place in the game.

Which is the best space unit in the game?
Luke's X-Wing
IG-2000 (A)
TIE Interceptor
Millennium Falcon
Devastator (A)
Death Star
Death Star II
Modified YV-330 (A)
Executor (A)
Slave 1
Obi-Wan's Starfighter (A)
Endor Imperial Fleet
Tyranus's Solar Sailer
Corellian Corvette
X-Wing Escort

We'll take a look at what you have decided in a future article, and analyze why each placed where it did.

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