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Return of the Jedi: Ewoks

The original Star Wars trilogy is the ultimate "underdog" story -- the big, bad Empire versus the repressed Rebellion. However, Return of the Jedi provides a unique twist. Emperor Palpatine finally has the perfect plan to crush the Rebellion. Everything is going as he has foreseen. One thing the Emperor didn't foresee, though, was the power of the Ewoks. Let's take a look at the Return of the Jedi expansion set with an eye toward the furry denizens of the forest moon.


Wicket W. Warrick (A) and Chief Chirpa (A) have solid abilities. First, they share the ability to compel an opponent to pay Force in order to deal damage. Wicket W. Warrick (A)'s second ability isn't too shabby, either -- granting discounts on units. Plus, gaining extra build points and Force is never a bad thing, thanks to Chief Chirpa.

Light Side Force Drain isn't a new strategy; it was first introduced with the release of A New Hope's Princess Leia (A). Combine Princess Leia (A) with Wicket W. Warrick (A) and Chief Chirpa (A), and you now have a fully revitalized strategy. Not all is as good as it seems. Both Wicket W. Warrick and Chief Chirpa need an Endor Location to gain their prevention abilities. Lucky for us there's Ewok Village -- a Location tailored-made for this strategy.

Ewok Village now adds the "Pay X Force or prevent damage" ability to another arena. Note that this is a blanket effect, so all of your Ground units gain this ability. With the recently previewed Emperor Palpatine (D), the Ewoks (just as in Return of the Jedi) look to be the Emperor's Achilles' heel.


What can we expect from the Ewoks in the Ground arena? How about Ewok Glider.

At first glance, the Ewok Glider isn't very impressive: 3 build for a 40 speed, 2 power, 2 health unit; but in an environment where Imperials are rampant, this card truly shines. It also has the speeder subtype, so such speeder pilots as Wedge Antilles (B), Anakin Skywalker (I), and Luke Skywalker jump on for some Endor hang-gliding action. All we need now is a Princess Leia Pilot.

Ironically, there are a few non-Endor units that get better with Ewok Village. Most Bespin units are efficiently costed, but have the drawback of being tapped down if your opponent pays Force. Under the Ewok Village, the Bespin units put your opponent in a tough situation. Do they pay Force to tap them, or save Force for later to damage them? Tantive IV (A), Bail Organa (A), and Disrupting Strike are more weapons this strategy has access to.

So with all of these cards and the synergy between them, it shouldn't be hard to build a decent deck. Let's give it a go:

Light Side Force Drain
2 Princess Leia (A)
1 Princess Leia (B)
1 Princess Leia (D)
1 Princess Leia (F)
1 Princess Leia (I)
1 Han Solo (I)
1 Lando Calrissian (D)
2 Wicket Warrick (A)
2 Chief Chirpa (A)
2 Bail Organa (A)
4 Bespin Twin-Pod Cloud Car
4 Cloud City Wing Guard
3 Ewok Glider
1 Luke's Snowspeeder (A)
1 Anakin's Podracer (A)
1 Luke's X-wing (B)
1 Luke's X-wing (C)
1 Obi-Wan's Starfighter (A)
1 Obi-Wan's Starfighter (B)
2 Tantive IV (A)
4 X-Wing Escort
4 Delta Six Jedi Starfighter
3 Windu's Solution
4 Disrupting Strike
3 Explore the Swamps
4 Homing Missile
1 Dagobah System
4 Ewok Village
14 Character
13 Ground
14 Space
7 Battle
7 Mission
0 Equipment
5 Location

This deck does look like it's missing a few pieces, so hopefully now that the Return of the Jedi expansion set is released, those holes can be filled.

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