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Deploying For Fun and Profit

The classic discard deck gains a sense of humor

Discard decks are often torturous to play against. A Light Side player who’s unprepared can soon find himself without anything to build. This deck doesn’t take itself quite so seriously, but instead tries to make the most out of some of the new Battle of Yavin cards that have triggered abilities when deployed. The two new cards are Womp Rat and Imperial Landing Craft. Neither one is capable of winning you the game, but they certainly can be fun when you keep redeploying them via the Refit on Yavin Mission card. Not incredibly efficient, but certainly fun.

The Character arena offers the Dark Side the bulk of its discard arsenal, with the IT-0 Interrogator Droid leading the way. However, since it can only get rid of Battle and Mission cards, Nute Gunray (A) is necessary for consistent hand denial. The Death Star Scanning Technician can get any card and he fulfills the deploy theme of the deck for the Character arena. A bit pricey, but he can get rid of the card of your choice. That makes it all worth it. Since none of these units are great at fighting, they will need help, so Darth Vader’s Intercept versions (A and C) make an appearance. Once the Light Side runs out of cards, you really only need Nute to keep the Light Side without another unit to build or Battle card to play ever again. So the extraneous Characters can be used for something else, like sacrificing them to Darth Sidious (B). That extra build will come in handy elsewhere. Knowing what’s in the Light Side’s hand is key for deciding when to use discard effects and when you can hold off. The new Labria (A) will give you that insight. If things are too hot in the arena, Labria can hang around long enough to see what the Light Side is holding, then retreat to do it all over again next turn.

The highlight of this deck’s Ground arena is the Womp Rat. With that said, don’t expect to take over Ground too often. The lowly Womp Rat makes your opponent discard a card of their choice when deployed. The ability isn’t that great, but, when combined with all the other discard effects in the deck, the choice of what to discard will be painful. Tatooine Hangar works well with the deck, as you’ll be wanting to deploy, rebuild, and redeploy some Space units. The Aiwha Rider is quick, lends itself to the deploy theme, and gives that all-important peek into your opponent’s hand. Just in case the deck needs to deliver a knockout blow in Ground, there’s a single Stormtrooper Regiment to deal with most anything the Light Side can field. This deck gives short shrift to the Ground arena for a reason, which you’ll discover now…

The Imperial Landing Craft special deploy ability rarely works. Whatever you target to take the 2 damage is just going to retreat and avoid the damage, leaving the rest of the Light Side Ground units unscathed. That is, unless they only have one unit in Ground. The Ground units in this deck are so wimpy that the Light Side really doesn’t need more than one unit there. They should be much more concerned with taking out all the discard units in Character. The Craft is mainly in here to fit with the deploy theme and to see if it can be made to work. Under the right circumstances, it can be pretty good and playtesting has shown it to work a fair amount of the time. Rounding out Space are two powerful units that should be able to clean out the arena in no time: Victory-Class Star Destroyer and Techno Union Warship. Flying Intercept for the fleet is the TIE Fighter DS-61-9. This deck would gladly sacrifice a TIE to keep a larger unit alive for just one more turn.

Here’s why: Battle of Yavin’s new Refit on Yavin is a key to the deck as it turns what could be a one time deploy into a recurring problem for the Light Side. The 3 Build you pay for the Refit is placed straight back onto the unit in the Build Zone, so you aren’t losing anything but a card. Since several of the Space and Ground units in this deck have a high Health and only a moderate cost, it can work like an expensive Starship Refit. However, when utilized to redeploy a unit like a Womp Rat or the Imperial Landing Craft, you can get way more for your money. In fact, Refit pays the entire cost of redeploying the Womp Rat, so that makes it quite a bargain when you really want to get a card out of your opponent’s hand.

Supplying the discard component of the theme are Destruction of Hope and Slumming on Coruscant. These are the classic Missions necessary for any discard deck and are very efficient and annoying. What more could a Dark Side player ask for?

The deck doesn’t rely on too many Battle cards, but can make good use of Lull in the Fighting, especially when Vader hasn’t arrived on the scene to protect everyone in Character. For general protection, Pilot's Dodge and High-Force Dodge are always good choices for a deck that hopes to keep Space and Ground units alive long enough to get Refit on Yavin.

Here’s what the deck looks like all put together…

Deadly Deploy
4 Death Star Scanning Technician
4 IT-0 Interrogator Droid
2 Labria (A)
2 Nute Gunray (A)
1 Darth Vader (A)
1 Darth Vader (C)
1 Darth Sidious (B)
3 Aiwha Rider
4 Womp Rat
4 Tatooine Hangar
1 Stormtrooper Regiment
3 Imperial Landing Craft
3 Techno Union Warship
3 Victory-Class Star Destroyer
4 TIE Fighter DS-61-9
4 Pilot's Dodge
2 High-Force Dodge
4 Lull in the Fighting
4 Refit on Yavin
2 Slumming on Coruscant
4 Destruction of Hope
15 Character
12 Ground
13 Space
10 Battle
10 Mission
0 Equipment
0 Location

Strategy Advice

After seeing your initial hand, you’ll want to mulligan all Battle and Missions unless you have at least 4 units that don’t have special deploy abilities. A great opening setup would be: IT-0 Interrogator Droid, Darth Vader (C), Nute Gunray (A), Tatooine Hangar, Techno Union Warship & Victory-Class Star Destroyer. Try to hold onto the special deploy units until the game actually starts, as their abilities don’t work during setup. It may be hard to do, so don’t feel too bad if you need to build a Aiwha Rider or Imperial Land Craft during setup. You should never build the Scanning Technician or Womp Rat during setup unless you absolutely cannot avoid it. However, partially building one of the special deploy units during setup works great!

Do whatever it takes to get the cards out of the Light Side hand as quickly as possible. As soon as you drop them to zero cards, you’ll have the victory virtually sewn up if you can make the game last at least two more turns. Since this tactic can be so effective, the deck has the ability to go to great lengths to make the Light Side discard. Consider these extreme moves:

When playing this deck, remember to use the abilities that let you look at your opponent’s hand before using the Interrogator Droid or a Slumming on Coruscant. If the Light Side is just holding a couple of Battle cards and doesn’t have anything to build, consider holding onto your Scanning Technician until you can use it to get rid of a unit. Be on the lookout for anything that let’s your opponent draw more cards. If a card drawer was built during setup, make it your first target in battle.

Good luck!