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This Deck Can't Miss!

Accuracy isn't just for the meek anymore…

Accuracy has made a big splash in the game by giving units, usually small ones, a bit more bang for their buck. Big units roll so many dice that they don't need Accuracy to score a lot of hits, but what if they did have it? That was my goal when designing my latest deck. I wanted a deck that could roll a lot of dice and have a great chance of making every die score a hit.

The biggest unit with Accuracy in the game is Han Solo (C) and he can get even bigger when stacked up with the (A), (B) and (D) versions. The easiest way to give Accuracy to a unit is General Dodonna (A) as his ability can be used turn after turn, unlike Battle cards, which will soon run out. One of the Light Side's heaviest hitters is Mace Windu (A), so giving him Accuracy will make the already awesome Mace become simply ridiculous. I've included the (B) and (C) versions in order to stack him up for maximum effectiveness. Finally, I've added a few Rebel Lieutenants to pilot the big Capital ships I have planned for the Space arena. The Lieutenant is a necessary component for a nice trick the deck can spring on the Dark Side, which will be revealed later.

The Battle card Benefits of Training gives all Soldiers in the Ground arena Accuracy 1, so nothing but Soldiers seemed like a good way to go in the Ground. I decided against just using the big units here, instead opting to use the fast and useful Aiwha Rider, the Intercepting Rebel Squad, and the already Accurate (and extremely cost-effective) Rebel Defense Team. The heavy-hitter of the arena is the Rebel Honor Company. With both tiny and huge units, the deck has the ability to swarm the Dark Side or make a huge seven dice attack with Accuracy 1.

When I fist saw the Obi-Wan's Guidance Battle card, I figured most people would use it on a Character or a piloted X-wing. But I figured the better use was on the biggest ships it's possible to pilot: Capital ships. The Rebel Lieutenant can pilot the Republic Assault Ship, Tantive IV (A), and Rebel Blockade Runner Capital ships. The best of the three is the Republic Assault Ship as it's big and is the only Light Side unit with Bombard. Once the Lieutenant is onboard, Obi-Wan's Guidance may be played on it for an incredible seven dice, Accuracy 2 attack. The Tantive IV (A) is unique, so I'll only want a couple, though it does have Shields for great survivability against a horde of Starfighters. The Rebel Blockade Runner is a unit that you're better off not deploying during setup, in case your opponent is playing with any discard cards. If you can get it out for free, it usually puts the kibosh on the Dark Side's chances in Space. With valuable Capital ships and the Lieutenant out there, the deck needs a couple of protective units. The X-wing Red Three has Intercept to keep any large attacks away from the bigger ships and the Escape Pod will save the Lieutenant in case his ride gets shot out from under him.

The Escape Pod is in the deck for one other reason: Trust Your Feelings. Predicting the number of hits you'll get with an attack can be tricky, unless you aren't rolling any dice for the attack. If the Pod avoids the attention of the Dark Side's attacks, you can play a Feelings (or two!) and gain a quick and easy 3 Force per. You'll need that extra Force to play Obi-Wan's Guidance and Benefits of Training. With all the Accuracy, it's quite easy to get a unit to Accuracy 2 and occasionally 3. When you score a hit on everything but a 1, or hit on everything bar none, you can play a Trust Your Feelings and predict that all the dice will score hits. A quick way to recharge your Force, to be sure! Another Battle card that helps the deck adds a bit of quickness and Accuracy in one fell swoop: Leia's Kiss. It's a great way to boost a Capital ship up to Starfighter speeds, or have the Rebel Honor Company attack first in Ground. When you don't find yourself attacking first, you'll need some defenses to make sure you survive long enough to attack, so the old standby, Pilot's Dodge, is also included.

Despite appearances, the deck can blow through cards rather quickly, with the character stacking, Trust Your Feelings, and small units in Ground. To maintain a good supply of options each turn, the deck also incorporates Wedding of Destiny. The +1 Force helps a bit as well as the Battle cards need so much Force.

Here's what the deck looks like all put together…

Can't Miss
3 Rebel Lieutenant
2 General Dodonna (A)
2 Mace Windu (A)
1 Mace Windu (B)
1 Mace Windu (C)
1 Han Solo (A)
1 Han Solo (B)
1 Han Solo (C)
1 Han Solo (D)
2 Rebel Squad
4 Rebel Defense Team
4 Rebel Honor Company
4 Aiwha Rider
4 Republic Assault Ship
2 Tantive IV (A)
2 Rebel Blockade Runner
4 X-wing Red Three
1 Escape Pod
3 Leia's Kiss
4 Obi-Wan's Guidance
3 Benefits of Training
4 Pilot's Dodge
4 Trust Your Feelings
2 Wedding of Destiny
13 Character
14 Ground
13 Space
18 Battle
2 Mission
0 Equipment
0 Location

Strategy Advice

After seeing your opening hand, feel free to discard any or all of the Battle cards in hand, as none of them are essential in the early turns. If you have plenty of units, you might hang onto a Benefits of Training as the beginning of the game is probably the time when you'll have the most Soldiers in play. A good opening setup would be: Republic Assault Ship, Escape Pod, Rebel Honor Company, Rebel Defense Team, Mace Windu (C) with (A) understacked, and Rebel Lieutenant.

Because the deck has several rather large units, you may find yourself able to concentrate your forces into just two arenas. Since the Republic Assault Ships have Bombard, your best bet will be to take over Space and start Bombarding the Ground, while slowly building up your Ground units.

If you have the Lieutenant on a Capital ship, Obi-Wan's Guidance is the play of choice as you'll get 6 or 7 dice with Accuracy 2; almost enough to take out an opposing Star Destroyer in one blow. If you don't get a pilot, Leia's Kiss will ensure that your Capital ship can take out an opposing unit before it strikes and prevent TIE Fighters from swarming your big ship.

This deck allows for a lot of precise planning as you'll have a good idea of how many hits you can score with each attack, while your opponent will have to rely on luck and the old 50% rule to make his decisions. Take your time, build up some Force, and show your opponent the power of a steady aim.