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C-3PO has got a deal for you!

There are discounts a-plenty in this mostly neutral Light Side deck.

The early drafts of Lucas' Star Wars script portrayed C-3PO as a slick, used car salesman type. This deck brings back that feel with C-3PO (C) and the discount he brings to building neutral units.

I originally started out with the goal to create an entirely neutral deck, but Threepio quickly sidetracked me. I'll have to try a real neutral deck again in the near future. To me it seemed a shame to not take advantage of Threepio's discount when looking at a big pile of neutral units and the Light Side's easy access to card drawing and protective Battle cards was too good to pass up. Anytime you receive a discount for something, you can best take advantage of that discount by using it as often as possible, which means playing with small units. So most of the units in the deck are on the smaller side, though there are a few big units to do some of the heavy lifting.

In Character, there are several neutral units that can take advantage of Threepio's discount. The best ones are unique: Han Solo (A), Chewbacca (C), and Greedo (A), but since they're unique there's only one of each. WED Treadwell is not unique, so several of them are included. The other reason for the extra Droids is to make sure the Battle card Artoo's Repairs can be utilized. It's a great Battle card and one of the few with a requirement for a specific unit type to be in an arena to be played. There are two tricks this deck can manage with the help of Lull in the Fighting. If you have a damaged Droid, go ahead and tap a Treadwell to heal it up, then play Lull, so you don't lose out on the attack. When Greedo is deployed, the Dark Side player has to decide whether or not to pay 3 Force to retreat him before anything else happens. If they do, play the Lull and you'll have tricked your opponent out of some of their precious Force. When the Lulls aren't available or aren't needed, the Intercepting Obi-Wan (G) and (F) and provide some protection for the troops. C-3PO has his own form of protection by way of the (C) version, which will grant you 2 cards should he be knocked out. Since the (B) and (C) versions cost the same, you can put the (B) version on top at the start of the build phase, then put the (C) version on top once you are done building. It's not real protection, but it is a deterrent.

The Ground arena is where the neutral units shine, as there are many to choose from and several good ones. The heavy-hitter of the bunch is the Krayt Dragon and he is occasionally the only attacker you need to take the arena. Giving him a better chance of attacking early, the Luxury Airspeeder will grant it some speed. It can also soften up a target for the Krayt. Also needing that speed are the Tatooine Hangar and Jawa Sandcrawler. While the Sandcrawler rarely attacks, the Hangar's three dice of damage can finish off anything the Krayt misses.

The discount from the non-unique Hangars and C-3PO (C) provides for some interesting opportunities in Space. With Threepio and two Hangars, the YT-1300 Transport can be deployed for free and for a cost of 1 build a YV-664 Light Freighter can be deployed. While these units are small and don't pack much firepower, they are quite resilient against Starfighters with their Shields 1 and if deployed in numbers for next to nothing, they can swarm just about anything. Another good neutral unit is Millennium Falcon (C). And there's no sense in leaving out the (A) and (B) versions for stacking purposes, especially when the Hangars can make it free to stack them. If needed, Chewie (C) can pilot it for some extra hitting power. But for a real heavy-hitter in Space, a single X-wing Attack Formation is included.

For Battle and Mission cards, this deck is very focused. All the Battle cards are for protective purposes: Artoo's Repairs, Pilot's Dodge, Yoda's Intervention, and Lull in the Fighting. Occasionally you will need to sacrifice a Droid by leaving it all alone in Character, ensuring you can play Artoo's Repairs. But it's worth it. This deck hopes to out produce the Dark Side and, to keep that advantage, the units need to survive. When the combo engine gets going, you'll be able to deploy a couple units each turn no matter what the build roll is. Since this deck can burn through a lot of cards each turn, Wedding of Destiny will keep the cards coming.

Here's what the deck looks like all put together…

C-3PO's Discount Warehouse
2 C-3PO (B)
3 C-3PO (C)
1 Chewbacca (C)
1 Greedo (A)
1 Han Solo (A)
1 Obi-Wan Kenobi (F)
2 Obi-Wan Kenobi (G)
4 WED Treadwell
2 Jawa Sandcrawler
3 Krayt Dragon
4 Luxury Airspeeder
4 Tatooine Hangar
1 Millennium Falcon (A)
1 Millennium Falcon (B)
2 Millennium Falcon (C)
1 X-wing Attack Formation
4 YT-1300 Transport
4 YV-664 Light Freighter
4 Artoo's Repairs
4 Lull in the Fighting
4 Pilot's Dodge
4 Yoda's Intervention
3 Wedding of Destiny
15 Character
13 Ground
13 Space
16 Battle
3 Mission
0 Equipment
0 Location

Strategy Advice

After seeing your initial hand, you should mulligan Artoo's Repairs unless you're holding a Droid. Also, if you are holding four or more characters, you should discard Lull in the Fighting as well, as you'll want to take that arena, not give your opponent a break. During setup, try to hold back on playing as many of the neutral units as possible if you are holding C-3PO (C). The Krayt Dragon is hard to build during the game, so it makes a great partially built unit during setup with your last six build counters on it.

In the early turns, when you have the most number of discount cards in play that you are likely to get, go ahead and deploy your neutral Space units, even if you don't need the help there now, as you will likely lose some of the discount units in the later turns. If Space is lost and there's no hope of coming back there, don't forget about the special ability of the YV-664 Light Freighter. If you have enough of the discount cards in play, you may be able to come out ahead once you discard it for the +2 build points.

Most decks hope for high build rolls. This deck can thrive even with low ones. It's fun to watch an opponent squirm when the dreaded "1" comes up on the build roll. I hope you have as much fun playing it as I do.