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Jedi Guardians' New Way to Win

Jedi Council Quorum offers the Light Side a chance to win for a mere 32 build points…

One of the biggest surprises in the new Jedi Guardians set is a new victory condition (for the Light Side only) by way of the Jedi Council Quorum Mission card. If you build the Mission and end the turn with 7 or more Council Members in play, you win the game. It's arguably the most important card in the set, so naturally it deserves showcasing as this week's deck.

There are exactly 12 Council Members in Jedi Guardians. You'll recognize some of the names from previous sets, however, only the Jedi Guardians version of the character has the subtype 'Council Member,' so only those versions are worth playing in a deck like this. Since there are 12, that makes it very easy to decide which characters to put in the arena. With that many Jedi hanging around, they certainly don't need any additional help. Also, because you'll need to deploy 7 of them, you don't want to be spending build points on characters that don't help towards the Quorum victory condition.

Adi Gallia (A) is a mid-sized Councilor with a slightly less than great Evade ability, but makes up for it with some decent starfighter pilot stats. Coleman Trebor (A) is a very cost effective Councilor, but he's one you'll want to leave in the build zone so he can avoid combat. After Gather the Council, this is a sure build as he's so cheap to get out. You'll want to leave Depa Billaba (A) in the build zone until Mace shows up. Once he does, Depa gains an incredible Pay 1 Arrow Evade 3. While you're waiting, Depa's Reserves ability will help add to your Force total. Eeth Koth (A) is a high-powered Councilor, but requires a lot of Force to make him worthwhile. If you have other Jedi in Reserves to give you extra Force, this guy can be great. Even Piell (A) is also best utilized when you have a lot of Force at your disposal. He's better off sitting in Reserves gaining Force most of the time. When you have a lot of Force, Even can end things quickly by pumping up Jedi units over and over. And not just in the Character arena! The deck contains several Jedi units in Space and Ground that can benefit from Even's ability.

Ki-Adi-Mundi (A) is probably most useful in Reserves where he can remove 1 damage counter from each unit in the arena of your choice. This will be key as it can take many turns to get the 7 Councilors necessary to win and all that time you have to worry about the Dark Side taking over 2 of the arenas. Mace Windu (D) finally allows many people's favorite Jedi to become fully stacked. This deck utilizes only the Councilor version, as there's just no need to stack him. The (D) version is the one you want on top for this deck anyway, as it gives all other Jedi units +1 power. While his stats are on the low side, Oppo Rancisis (A) is your Jedi of choice of if your Force total is low. If Force is not a problem, but a big Dark Side Character unit is, his power-reduction ability can be of service, but Evade abilities are usually the more worthy expenditure of Force. Plo Koon (B) is unique in that he has the ability to attack Dark Side characters hanging back in the build zone. This should come in handy when the Dark Side sees a tidal wave of Jedi enter the arena. Although once they figure out your plan, they'll stop at nothing to take down a Councilor or 3. Saesee Tiin (A) is the ultimate pilot of the set as his skills are so diverse and he's no slouch in the Character arena either. With only 1 health, Shaak Ti (B) might want to stay home versus Dark Side Jedi or Bounty Hunters, but against all other comers, this Jedi is very hard to take down with an incredible Pay 1 Arrow Evade 3 and cheap Deflect.

Last but not least is the biggest bad boy on the block… Yoda (D). At 13 build, it might seem hard to justify building him. If everything goes according to plan, you can build the 7 cheapest Councilors for 32 build points and try to win the game. But if things aren't going according to plan, Yoda (D) is the guy who can win the Character arena for you… single-handedly.

The Space and Ground arenas are of secondary importance to a Council deck, as you don't expect to win the game by taking the arenas, but you do need them to survive and provide lots of resources. Especially card drawing. This deck requires as much card drawing as a Chewbacca (B) deck as you'll want to be sure you draw a Gather and Quorum card. The card drawing units that'll help this deck are: Jawa Sandcrawler, Coruscant Air Bus, Corellian Star Shuttle, and Jedi Patrol. The Patrol is also nice as it can gain the +1 power from Mace Windu (D). For the extra build points this deck needs, the Corellian Corvette comes in very handy. When the Dark Side figures out what going on, some Councilors could find themselves in the discard pile. Moisture Farm is a cheap way to salvage your chances at the Quorum just when the Dark Side thought they adjourned it for good.

Since there are a couple of Councilors who can pilot starfighters, I included a few units they can pilot while still being safe about it. Luke's X-wing (B) and Obi-Wan's Starfighter (B) both have Evade abilities, which make it safe for Adi Gallia (A) and Saesee Tiin (A) to make a few forays into Space. With them at the helm, not only will the units hit harder, but they'll gain an additional Evade ability to really stay alive for a long time. I wanted to make sure the deck had a way of winning besides the Quorum and these 2 can do the trick. To keep them extra safe, a few X-wing Red Three units are there to Intercept for them.

The Battle cards in this deck are included purely to protect the Space and Ground arenas, so the resources they give can be utilized turn after turn. The cards are Lost in the Asteroids, Peace on Naboo, and Slipping Through. Gather the Council will gain you the extra Force necessary for the occasional Slipping.

You already heard me mention 2 of the Mission cards the deck uses: Gather the Council and Jedi Council Quorum. To help with the build costs of the deck, a couple of Obi-Wan's Tasks will have no trouble finding a Jedi willing to tap to gain the +3 build points.

Here's what the deck looks like all put together…

The Council's Decree
1 Adi Gallia (A)
1 Coleman Trebor (A)
1 Depa Billaba (A)
1 Eeth Koth (A)
1 Even Piell (A)
1 Ki-Adi-Mundi (A)
1 Mace Windu (D)
1 Oppo Rancisis (A)
1 Plo Koon (B)
1 Saesee Tiin (A)
1 Shaak Ti (B)
1 Yoda (D)
2 Moisture Farm
4 Jawa Sandcrawler
4 Jedi Patrol
2 Coruscant Air Bus
4 Corellian Corvette
4 Corellian Star Shuttle
1 Luke's X-wing (B)
1 Obi-Wan's Starfighter (A)
1 Obi-Wan's Starfighter (B)
3 X-wing Red Three
4 Lost in the Asteroids
4 Peace on Naboo
4 Slipping Through
3 Gather the Council
3 Jedi Council Quorum
4 Obi-Wan's Task
12 Character
12 Ground
14 Space
12 Battle
10 Mission
0 Equipment
0 Location

Strategy Advice

After seeing your initial hand, you'll want to discard any Slipping Throughs and not much else unless you have duplicates of the Missions. A great opening setup would be: Corellian Corvette, Corellian Star Shuttle, Jawa Sandcrawler, Coruscant Air Bus, Mace Windu (D), Depa Billaba (A), & Oppo Rancisis (A).

The earlier you can build a Gather the Council, the better, as the Force gain from it will keep your Councilors alive. Each turn, you'll need to assess your hand and determine which 2 arenas to stay in. If you have a Peace on Naboo, retreat all your Space units. If you have a Lost in the Asteroids, retreat all your Ground units. This way you can keep your utility units alive as long as possible. Plan on staying in the Character arena 99% of the time. Your Councilors can hold their own.

Be on the lookout for Guidance of the Chancellor. When you Gather the Council, your hand will be chock full of Councilors. If your opponent suspected you were going to play a Councilor deck, they'll wait until the turn after you Gather to spring the Guidance on you. To avoid discarding all your Councilors, be sure that you have extra build points left over after you build the Gather. That way you can partially build a few of the Councilors instead of leaving them in your hand, tempting the Dark Side to Guidance you.

Finally, it's a good idea to place the Quorum in your build zone with 1 build counter on it, just in case the Dark Side manages to look at your hand, or worse, makes you discard Mission cards. Even though it doesn't cost anything, you need to put 1 build counter on it to place it face down in your build zone.