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A New Hope Theme Deck - Light Side

Matt Hyra gives a complete analysis of the theme deck

Deck Analysis by Matt Hyra

This Light Side Theme Deck from the A New Hope set is going to reward you for careful play and biding your time preparing for dramatic comebacks. Since most of this deck's units are on the smallish side, you should always be able to build a unit where and when you need it.

In the Character arena, Obi-Wan Kenobi is your anchor. He's not only this deck's heaviest hitter in the arena, but he's going to last the longest as well. His Intercept and ability to boost Luke Skywalker (C) make him a necessity build ASAP. Speaking of Luke, consider him the ace-in-the-hole. It's not worth deploying the (C) version unless Obi-Wan is deployed and the (D) version is should be held onto until you see a creature in your opponent's Ground arena. The Rebel Crew Chief is going to be a big target as soon as you deploy it. If you deploy it during setup, be sure to hold onto a couple of Starfighters as well so you can get the most out of this rare card. To help keep him alive, the Rebel Trooper Intercept will do the trick.

There are two strategies for this deck in the Character arena. Either spend a lot of build and deploy Obi-Wan and Luke in order to capture it, or deploy the Crew Chief and the Rebel Pilot to hold out for a few turns, then go heavy into Space.

The Ground arena is where this deck can really shine. The Rebel Honor Company is a huge threat that can capture the arena single-handedly and allow the Rebel Control Post to then systematically undermine the Dark Side's ability to fight in the Space arena. If deployed in numbers, fast units like the Incom T-16 Skyhopper and Luke's Speeder (A) can take down mid-sized units before they even get a chance to fire back. If Luke Skywalker (D) is piloting one of the Speeders, then be sure you have a Rebel Squad deployed to Intercept for him. Otherwise he'll be the first casualty should the Dark Side get a chance to attack.

During setup and subsequent turns, you should wait to deploy the Control Post until you see that you're in firm control of the Ground. The Honor Company is the quickest way towards that goal. However, if you can get multiple Speeders deployed, you might be able to hang onto the Ground arena with the help of some battle cards.

In Space, you'll need to keep a lookout for what the Dark Side is deploying before you commit any units there. The average cost of your Space units is 5, but they don't have much prospect for long-term survivability. Except for one. You'll soon find that the X-wing Attack Formation is the key to your success in Space. It might be worth it to avoid deploying anything in Space until you can get one of these in there first. If you need to go into Space to get rid of a Dark Side Bombard unit, the X-wing Red One's Overload ability is a good way to finish off an already damaged capital ship. If the Dark Side has deployed a lot of Starfighters, X-wing Red Two and Y-wing Gold Squadron are the units to go with.

During setup, let the Dark Side play units into Space first. If no Bombard units show up, you may want to avoid going into Space until you have your Space support units established in Character and Ground.

The Battle cards in this deck are biased slightly towards aiding the Character arena. So even if you don't get an Interceptor there, you can keep the Crew Chief alive in a pinch with Into the Garbage Chute. Stay Sharp is good for when you need that little bit extra to take out an opposing unit. However, it's best to play it on a unit that already has at least 3 Power, so you have a decent chance of getting a Critical Hit. Well-Aimed Shot will do marvels for the X-wing Attack Formation; virtually guaranteeing a Critical Hit with the amount of dice you'll be rolling. On the Ground, the Skyhopper is the best unit to boost with the Precise Blast. Fate of the Dragon costs a lot of Force, but it can win you the game if used properly. It is best used a way to come back into Space to take out a Bombard capital ship.

A New Hope - Light Side
1 Luke Skywalker (C)
1 Rebel Pilot
2 Luke Skywalker (D)
2 Rebel Trooper
1 Rebel Crew Chief
2 Obi-Wan Kenobi (G)
1 Obi-Wan Kenobi (F)
1 SoruSuub V-35 Courier
2 Rebel Squad
3 Incom T-16 Skyhopper
1 Luke's Speeder (A)
1 Rebel Control Post
2 Rebel Honor Company
2 X-wing Red Two
3 X-wing Red One
2 Y-wing Gold Squadron
2 X-wing Attack Formation
1 Rebel Fighter Wing
1 Fate of the Dragon
2 Into the Garbage Chute
2 Stay Sharp
1 Preemptive Shot
1 Well-Aimed Shot
1 Jedi Intervention
1 Precise Blast
1 Luke's Warning
1 Stabilize Deflectors
10 Character
10 Ground
10 Space
11 Battle
0 Mission
0 Equipment
0 Location

Strategy Advice Against the A New Hope Dark Side Theme Deck

Your best strategy with this deck is to spend your setup points mainly in Character and Ground. Wait until you get the X-wing Attack Formation and the Rebel Control Post, and then make a dramatic comeback in Space. Hopefully the Dark Side player won't have deployed one of the Imperial Star Destroyers with Bombard 3. If he did, you'll need to go after it ASAP.

Your best bet in the Character arena will be with your Jedi. The Stormtroopers that the Dark Side is likely to deploy have their attack dice reduced when attacking unique characters. In fact, if you see a couple of Stormtroopers there, you should be able to capture the arena with just a single Obi-Wan. When Darth Vader makes an appearance, it will take everything you've got to take him out.

In the Ground arena, you are again likely to run into Stormtroopers and this time they won't be holding anything back. The biggest threat here is the Stormtrooper Patrol with its Stun 2. It's a hair faster than the Rebel Honor Company, so even that heavy-hitter will need two turns to take out the Patrol. A Skyhopper is the perfect accompaniment for this matchup. Since it's faster than the Patrol, the Dark Side would be foolish to attack it and squander the Stun ability that would be so useful against the Honor Company. Be aware that the majority of the Dark Side Battle cards in that deck are for Ground units exclusively, so if a lone unit wanders into the arena out of the blue… look out!

The Dark Side excels in Space. Here you are likely to find the Dark Side deploying an Imperial Star Destroyer and a couple of TIE Fighters to back it up. If you see Vader's TIE Fighter (B), especially with a Pilot aboard, then you'll know you're really in trouble. Wait for the Pilots to be recalled to the Character arena before making your comeback. Since the Dark side must move their Pilots before you spend your build points, you'll recognize when it's time to make your move instantly.

Overall, keep your options open and attack a weakness when you see it. The longer the game goes, the better your chances. So hold on tight for a bumpy ride and have fun playing the good guys.