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Deck Starters

Vengeful Little Ewoks

In my last Deck Starters article on the Lars family, I showed you how to use a few themed cards -- namely, Owen Lars (A) and Beru Lars (A) -- to help spice up a deck and play some old cards you may have overlooked. Now, we'll look at annoying your Dark Side opponent with some recent cards from the Return of the Jedi set -- Ewoks.

Ewoks are those cute, furry half-pints that ran around on Endor and helped the Rebels defeat the Imperial Garrison so they could blow up the shield generator. They seemed so harmless -- that is, until they got their dander up. In this article, I'll show you how to apply that to the Star Wars Trading Card Game.

Natural Habitat

First off, if we're going to use Ewoks to spice up our decks, we need their natural habitat: Endor Locations. My personal favorite is the Forests of Endor. This card helps out your Ground units by making your opponent spend 2 Force if they want to inflict damage on your Ground units. However, the 4 build may be a little higher than your deck can handle, especially since you'll want to get an Endor Location in play on the first turn.

If that's the case, you have two options -- Ewok Village or Free Endor. Both are 2-build Locations. The Village is essentially half of the Forest, since it still requires your opponent to spend 1 Force to inflict damage on your Ground units. However, if you need to generate Force and are worried about Dark Side Locations, Free Endor will help do the trick by gaining 1 extra Force during your build step. How your deck works will decide which one of the three cards is the right one to use, or perhaps you can use a combination of all of them.

Now let's look at our main Ewoks, Chief Chirpa (A) and Wicket W. Warrick (A).

Main Ewoks

Chief Chirpa (A), leader of the Ewoks and lover of good Human barbeques, is a nice utility unit. Tapping this little guy during your build step grants you 1 extra build and 1 extra Force. Since his offensive stats won't scare anyone, you'll be tapping him every turn to gain the build point and Force. If we have one of our Endor Locations out, the Dark Side will have to spend 2 Force if they want to damage him.

I remember when Wicket first met Princess Leia -- his growl reminded me of a rabid dog, and before we're done with him, you might call him that, too. His stats are a little better than those of his Ewok leader, but still not that spectacular. He does help get your other unique Characters out for 1 less build point. But his bite will become worse than his bark (or the aforementioned growl) combined with the next two cards.

Jabba the Hutt (C) will give your cute little Ewoks "Pay 0 Arrow Intercept." And if that wasn't bad enough, with Jabba's Hidden Cost, your opponent may never see this big slug coming. If Forests of Endor had them spending Force in the Ground arena, now the Dark Side will be hard pressed to cause much damage in the Character arena.

Now for the Ewok bite -- Vendetta. Not only must the Dark Side spend 2 Force to inflict damage on Chirpa or Wicket, but now you get to prevent that and send unpreventable damage back at them. Ouch! Those vengeful little Ewoks!

Unless the Dark Side is generating Force through other means such as Jedi Master's Meditation, they'll be spending quite a bit of their Force every turn -- Force they may need to play Battle cards or for Evade or Hidden Cost. Now the Light Side has a Force drain of its own, one using a little Ewok power (no pun intended).

Stay tuned for more deck starter ideas. Until next time, this is Rogue 9, standing by...

About the Author
Tim Bresnan is a life long Star Wars fan and has played the Star Wars Miniatures game and the Star Wars Trading Card Game since both games launched. Tim's writing credits include "Mini-Mimban," the Splinter of the Mind's Eye scenario. He had the good fortune of meeting Ray Park (Darth Maul) during Gen Con 2003 in Indianapolis. Tim's also a veteran of Star Wars Celebration 1 (1999, Denver) and Celebration 2 (2002, Indianapolis), and he plans to attend Celebration 3 (2005, Indianapolis).