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Errata and Rulings: Attack of the Clones


  • Darth Sidious (A): The second paragraph should read: "As long as Sidious is in the Character arena, your opponent builds all cards face up." (It was printed incorrectly with "builds all units face up.") The printed wording let players mislead their opponents about the type of cards they were building. The new wording now affects both unit and Mission cards.


Attract Enemy Fire

  • If you have a unit that can't be attacked (because of Tyranus's Edict or a similar card), there's no way to attack it at all. If you play Attract Enemy Fire, you can't change the defending unit to a unit that can't be attacked.

Clone Officer

  • The Clone Officer says "each of your Clones get +1 power." Its subtype includes "Clone," so its ability will give itself +1 power in addition to giving each of your other Clones +1 power.

Dark Side's Command and Dark Side's Compulsion

  • Playing one of these two cards during an attack doesn't cancel that attack. It just lets you attack with one of your opponent's units.
  • If you choose to use the effect, then you get to make all the choices about which of your opponent's units is attacked. Your opponent can't choose not to attack and can't play an ability. If you choose not to use the effect, or if you can't use it because none of your opponent's units can be attacked, the unit attacks normally. In that case, your opponent gets to make all the choices, just like a normal attack.

Jango Fett (C) (Hasbro action figure card)

  • There's a typo in this card's rules text. The word "attacking" was printed without the letter (C).

Obi-Wan Kenobi (B)

  • You can use the "Pay 1 Force Arrow Prevent 1 damage to Anakin Skywalker" ability even when Obi-Wan has retreated to the build zone.

War Will Follow

  • You can't ever deploy a partially built card. You can deploy only units that have been retreated.
  • This card uses the term "build area," where it should have used "build zone." The two terms mean the same thing, but future cards will always use "build zone," not "build area."