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Errata and Rulings: Rogues and Scoundrels


  • Lando Calrissian (F): Treat Lando Calrissian (F)'s second ability as: "TapArrow Put all face-down cards under Lando into their owner's hand."


Admiral Firmus Piett (C)
Each of your Space units gets "Pay 0 Force Arrow Intercept."
Pay 1 Force Arrow Retreat Piett. Play only when no unit is attacking and only if you have a Dark Jedi in any arena.

Q: Do your units still get “Pay 0 Force Arrow Intercept” if Admiral Firmus Piett (C) is retreated?
A: No. From pg. 27 of The Empire Strikes Back rulebook: “Static abilities usually work only while their unit is in an arena. They turn off if the unit is retreated.”

Big Asteroid
When this unit is discarded from the Space arena, you may search your deck, your hand, and/or your discard pile for up to 2 Medium Asteroid cards and put them into the Space arena. Then shuffle your deck.

Q: If I play Dark Sacrifice on a Big Asteroid, is its bonus granted to the two Medium Asteroids that come out?
A: No. The bonus from Dark Sacrifice is granted before the two Medium Asteroids come out. Likewise, if played on Medium Asteroid, the bonus is granted before the two Small Asteroids come out.

Boba Fett (G)
Upkeep: Pay 1 build point or tap this unit. (Pay Upkeep when your build step starts.) Bounty: 1 build point. (When this unit damages another unit and the other unit is discarded, you gain the bounty when your next build step starts.)

Q: How exactly does Upkeep work?
A: At the start of your build step, you must choose which of Boba Fett (G)’s Upkeep costs you are going to pay. You must pay one of those costs, if you can. For example, if for some reason Boba Fett (G) remained tapped and you could not pay the “tap this unit” cost, then you would have to pay the build point cost, if possible. If you could not pay either cost, then simply ignore the Upkeep and go on with your build step.
Q: When exactly do you earn the bounty?
A: At the start of the next turn's build step. So if both players earned a bounty last turn, the Dark Side player would get his or her bounty first.
Q: Can I try to pay Upkeep before earning the bounty?
A: Yes, since these are both triggered abilities that trigger at the start of your build step, you can chose to deal with the Upkeep ability first, and then deal with the bounty.

Bossk (A)
Bounty: Search your opponent’s deck for each card with the same name as the Character that you gained this bounty for. Put those cards in his or her discard pile. Then your opponent shuffles his or her deck. (When this unit damages another unit and the other unit is discarded, you gain the bounty when your next build step starts.)

Q: Would you still earn this bounty even if Bossk is no longer in play?
A: Yes. Once a triggered ability has been generated, it doesn’t matter if its source leaves play.

Chewbacca (I)
Retaliate X, where X is Chewbacca’s power. If Chewbacca’s Retaliate attack causes a unit to be discarded, untap Chewbacca.

Q: Do cards in Chewbacca’s stack count toward his “X”?
A: Yes.

Dantooine System
Discard this Location from the Space arena Arrow Your tapped Space units can’t be attacked this turn.

Q: When exactly can you play this ability?
A: Since it does not have a restriction, you can use it at any Play or Pass opportunity.

Dark Sacrifice
Pay 2 Force, Discard one of your units from any arena Arrow Each of your other units in that arena gets +X power until end of turn, where X equals the discarded unit’s build cost. Play only when no unit is attacking.

Q: Does build cost include cards in the stack?
A: Yes. Build cost would add up the cost, plus 1 for any card in the stack.

Dengar (A)
Upkeep: Put 1 damage counter on Dengar. (Pay Upkeep when your build step starts.)

Q: What if putting the damage counter on would kill Dengar?
A: Then Dengar would be killed.
Q: Can I use damage prevention cards to avoid the Upkeep cost?
A: No, putting damage counters on a unit is different than receiving combat damage.

Doctor Evazan (A)
TapArrow Choose an untapped unit in the Character arena with a total build cost of 4 or less. Doctor Evazan does 4 dice of damage to that unit. Play only when Doctor Evazan would attack.

Q: What exactly are “dice of damage”?
A: It means you roll that many dice against that unit.
Q: Isn’t this ability the same as attacking? Doctor Evazan (A) can only use it when he would attack, and he already has 4 Power.
A: Not exactly. This ability allows you to deal 4 dice of damage, which—if you choose—can be applied to your own units. This ability might come in handy with Probot, Imperial Misdirection, Han Enchained, or Falcon's Needs in play.

Hound's Tooth (A)
When the Space battle step starts, if Hound’s Tooth doesn’t have a Pilot, Hound’s Tooth gets the Pilot abilities of one of your Pilots in the Character arena until end of turn.

Q: Since Hound’s Tooth is a Transport, can it only gain the Pilot abilities of a Transport Pilot?
A: No. Hound’s Tooth may gain the Pilot abilities of any Pilot in your Character arena.
Q: What if you don’t have any characters with the Pilot ability?
A: Then the Hound’s Tooth doesn’t gain anything.

Dune Sea Krayt Dragon

Q: Can you stack this with the Krayt Dragon from A New Hope?
A: No, they are different units and not unique.

Lando Calrissian (F)
TapArrow Put the top 2 cards of your deck face down under Lando. (They’re not part of his stack.)
TapArrow Put all face-down cards under Lando into your hand.

Q: Can you look at the cards that are face down under Lando?
A: Yes.

Lando's Influence
When any Battle step starts, you gain control of one of your opponent's units in that arena. At the end of battle in that arena, return that unit to your opponent.

Q: Although this says any Battle step, can Lando's Influence affect the Space Battle?
A: No, since the "Battle step starts" resolution takes place in the Space arena before any Play or Pass chances—meaning, you are past the trigger step for the Space Battle and cannot play Lando's Influence to affect Space units. The exception is if Ground and Space combats are somehow reversed through a Location card.

Lobot (B)
Treat Lobot as a Droid.

Q: Does Lobot (B)’s “Treat as a Droid” work with cards like Het Nkik (A) or A New Hope’s Tatooine Sandcrawler?
A: Yes, “Treat as a …” means that “Droid” is on the subtype line.

Prince Xizor (A)
Whenever Prince Xizor is attacked, prevent all but 2 of that damage.

Q: What happens when Xizor blocks the Tusken Warrior (who says his damage can’t be prevented)?
A: The damage is not prevented, and the Tusken will do his full damage to Xizor.

Princess Leia (I)
As long as Leia is in the Character arena, you don’t have to pay the Upkeep costs of your Smugglers.

Q: Why does this say: “As long as Leia is in the Character arena….”? I thought static abilities turn off when a unit isn’t in an arena?
A: That is correct, the “As long as…” text is superfluous.

Stinger (A)
Pay 1 Force Arrow Intercept
When Stinger is discarded from the Space arena, if it had a Pilot on it, move that Pilot to the Character arena tapped instead of discarding it.

Q: Why does my Stinger say "Pay 1 Force Arrow Intercept 3"?
A: The "3" is a typo. Just ignore it.

Trash Compactor
When the Character battle step starts, put 1 damage counter on each unit in the Character arena.

Q: Why does my Trash Compactor have a red border?
A: The red border is an error, as the border should be purple. It is still a Character Location, not a Battle card.

Yoda (I)
During your build step once, the cards in one of your other unique Character’s stacks rearrange you may, without spending any build points.

Q: Can Yoda (I) rearrange his own stack?
A: No, as the card states you may rearrange one of your other unique Character's stacks.
Q: What if I use Yoda (I) to rearrange the stack of a character that is piloting a unit?
A: First of all, this is legal to do. Even though the piloting Character stack is no longer a "unit” (since it is piloting), it is still a Character—so Yoda (I)'s ability can be used against it. If you do use it, and a non-Pilot version of that character is put on top of the stack, then the Pilot falls off whatever it is piloting. The Pilot is then put either into the Character arena or the build zone, your choice.

Big Asteroid
Big Asteroid doesn’t count toward controlling the Space arena.

Q: What does: “doesn’t count toward controlling the Space arena,” mean exactly?
A: It means that if your opponent has a single unit in the Space arena, and all you have is an Asteroid, your opponent controls Space. If the only unit in the Space arena is an Asteroid, then no one controls space.

Boba Fett (F)
Patrol Ship Pilot. The Patrol Ship gets:
+20 Speed.
Pay 2 Force Arrow Deflect 1.
Bounty: Look at your opponent’s hand and choose one of those cards. Your opponent discards that card.

Q: Can Boba Fett (F)’s Deflect ability be used to collect his bounty?
A: Yes.

C-3PO (G)
TapArrow If C-3PO is untapped, you may tap C-3PO to pay the Upkeep costs of one of your units. (Pay Upkeep when your build step starts.)

Q: How can I tap C-3PO to pay an Upkeep cost if he has to tap to give himself the ability?
A: This card should be worded: “TapArrow Pay the Upkeep costs of one of your units. (Pay Upkeep when your build step starts.)” So essentially you can just tap C-3PO (G) to pay an Upkeep.

Chewbacca (H)
Retaliate X, where X is Chewbacca’s power

Q: Isn't "Retaliate" supposed to be an activated ability?
A: Yes, there should be a "Pay 0 Force " in front of his Retaliate.

Darth Vader (M)
As long as Vader is in the Character arena, each of your Bounty Hunters costs 1 fewer build counter to deploy.

Q: Again, why does it say: “As long as….” Isn’t that redundant with the rules?
A: Yes, the “As long as…” is superfluous.

Death Star Control Room
Each of your Space units gets Accuracy 1.

Q: Does Accuracy stack? What if one of my units already has Accuracy 1?
A: Accuracy does stack, so that unit would now have Accuracy 2.

Greedo (B)
Accuracy –1

Q: What happens if a card gives Greedo (B) “Accuracy 1”?
A: Accuracy is an ability that stacks. If a card gives Greedo (B) “Accuracy 1”, then combined with his “Accuracy –1” he would effectively have “Accuracy 0” (that is, no affect on his attack roll).

Han Solo (H)
When Han is attacked, predict the number of hits that will be done to Han after damage prevention. If you’re correct, gain 3 Force.

Q: When exactly do I do the predicting?
A: As soon as Han is declared as the target of an attack.
Q: Do Battle cards that target Han count as an attack?
A: No, this ability only triggers when your opponent taps a unit to attack Han.

Tap, Discard this unit from the Character arena Arrow Return 5 cards from your discard pile to your deck. Then shuffle your deck. Play only during your build step.

Q: Can the Ugnaught return himself to the deck?
A: Yes. When the ability resolves, he will be in the discard pile, and will be a valid target for the ability.
NOTE: As of April 12th, 2004, Ugnaught has been added to the banned and restricted list.

Darth Vader (L)
When Vader attacks, set aside the top 3 cards of your deck face up. You may play any set aside Battle cards as though they were in your hand. At the end of the Character battle step, put the unplayed set aside cards back on top of your deck in any order.

Q: Can you use the set aside cards for anything else? Such as to satisfy the Tusken War Party discard cost?
A: No, the set aside cards can only be used for Darth Vader (L)’s ability.

Falcon's Needs
Choose one of your opponent’s units. That unit gets “Upkeep: Pay 2 build points or tap this unit. (Pay Upkeep when your build step starts.)” until the game ends.

Q: What happens if the unit leaves play, but then somehow comes back, such as through Hatch a Clone or Take the Initiative.
A: Cards lose all effects once they leave play.
Q: What if Falcon’s Needs is played on a unique unit that becomes part of a stack?
A: The Upkeep would remain, as Falcon’s Needs would be assigned to the entire stack. As a general rule, if you can pay Upkeep, you must pay Upkeep—it cannot be avoided by creating a stack, retreating a unit, or piloting another unit.
Q: Can more than one Falcon’s Needs be played on a single unit?
A: Yes. Your opponent would then have to pay separate Upkeep costs for each Falcon’s Needs on that unit.
NOTE: As of June 20th, 2004, Falcon's Needs has been added to the banned and restricted list.
Q: Would tapping the unit satisfy all these Upkeep costs at once?
A: No, it would only satisfy the first Upkeep cost. For more than one Falcon’s Needs on a unit, your opponent would have to pay separate Upkeep costs; essentially, since a tapped unit cannot be tapped again to pay Upkeep, your opponent would have to pay 2 build points (for a second Falcon’s Needs on a unit), 4 build points (for a third), or 6 build points (for a fourth).
NOTE: As of June 20th, 2004, Falcon's Needs has been added to the banned and restricted list.
Q: What if my opponent’s unit is tapped, and he or she doesn’t have any build points left?
A: Then he or she cannot pay Falcon’s Needs’ Upkeep, and nothing else happens. Note: this is the only way for your opponent not to pay Upkeep—if he or she cannot pay any of the costs that the Upkeep demands.

Jabba's Death Mark
When the battle phase starts, choose one of your opponent’s units in any arena. If that unit is discarded from that arena this turn, you gain 5 extra build points next turn.

Q: When exactly do you gain the build points?
A: Since they are “extra” build points, you gain them when you get your normal build points.

Luke's Vow
Pay 2 Force Arrow Remove damage counters from a Character until that Character is at 1 health. Play only if that Character would be discarded from the Character arena.

  • Luke's Vow overrides the normal play-or-pass situation, since otherwise it could not effectively be played.
Q: What exactly does “at 1 health” mean?
A: It means add up the Character’s total health, including cards in the stack and any other static effects that might be boosting that Character’s health. Then remove damage counters until the number of damage counters on the unit is one less than the total health.

Mos Eisley
When you would draw a card during your draw step, instead name a card type (Space, Ground, Character, Battle, Location, or Mission). Reveal cards from the top of your deck until you reveal a card of that type. Put that card into your hand and the other revealed cards into your discard pile.

Q: What if you introduce a new card type in the future?
A: You could search for it with Mos Eisley.

Star Destroyer

Q: Doesn’t a space unit named “Star Destroyer” already exist?
A: Yes. This card is a different card from the Battle of Yavin Star Destroyer, and does not stack with that card. You can have 4 of each in your tournament decks.

Tusken Warrior
Damage from this unit’s attack can’t be prevented.

Q: What happens if someone plays Lull in the Fighting while I have Tusken Warrior in play?
A: Lull in the Fighting says: "Prevent all damage dealt by characters this turn.” Tusken says his damage can’t be prevented. This is covered by general rule #3: If one card says something can happen, and another says it can’t, the “can’t” wins. So, your Tusken could still attack, and his damage would not be prevented.