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Errata and Rulings: Return of the Jedi


Hidden Cost

Q: What does "At any time" mean?
A: “At any time” means any time you can play an ability. There are some times when you can only play certain kinds of abilities, such as damage-prevention abilities, die reroll abilities, and disrupt abilities. Abilities that can be played “at any time” cannot be played at those times.
Q: So I could use Hidden Cost during my build step, if I wanted to?
A: Yes.
Q: What if I have over-built the unit? Do I gain Force for using Hidden Cost?
A: No. If a card has a number of build counters equal to or greater than its build cost, you pay 0 Force to deploy it.
Q: What if all of the units in an arena are tapped? Is there a chance to deploy a unit with Hidden Cost to that arena after the last unit is done, but before we move on to the next arena?
A: Yes. There is a PoP chance before moving on to the next arena.
Q: Is Hidden Cost subject to Darth Sidious (D)'s ability?
A: No. Sidious (D) affects activated abilities. Hidden Cost is not an activated ability; it’s a static ability.
Q: What if you’re deploying a card with Hidden Cost to a stack?
A: Follow the normal stacking rules. If you are deploying to the bottom of the stack, the cost is 1. If you are deploying to the top, and the new unit is cheaper than the old, the cost is 1. If you are deploying to the top, and the new unit is more expensive, the cost is the difference +1.

Anakin's Spirit (A)
When your build step starts, if you have Luke Skywalker or Leia Organa in the Character arena, gain 2 Force.

Q: Does "Princess Leia" count as Leia Organa?
A: Yes.

Bargain With Jabba
Draw 6 cards. Set aside the cards in your hand face up. Choose one of those cards and put it into your hand. Then your opponent chooses one of those cards and puts it into your discard pile. Repeat until no cards remain set aside.

Q: What if you have less than 6 cards left in your deck?
A: Draw as many as you can.
Q: What if I have set cards aside for some other effect? Does this card fetch them into the auction?
A: No. You only auction off the cards that are in your hand.

Bib Fortuna (A)
Pay 0 Force Arrow Choose one of your Neutral units in any arena. Put that unit face down under Bib Fortuna. He gets +20 speed, +2 power, and +2 health for each facedown card under him.

Q: What happens to facedown cards under Bib Fortuna (A) when he’s discarded from play?
A: They remain “out of the game.”
Q: What if I use Lando's Influence to steal one of my opponent’s units, and then use Bib Fortuna (A)'s ability? Does that unit go back to my opponent?
A: No. Once the unit has been placed under Bib Fortuna (A), it is effectively “out of the game,” so it’s no longer affected by Lando’s Influence.

Emperor Palpatine

Q: Do Emperor Palpatine and Darth Sidious stack?
A: Yes, for now. (This is subject to change once Revenge of the Sith is released.)
Q: Does that mean that Emperor Palpatine and Chancellor Palpatine contest?
A: Yes.
Q: Emperor Palpatine (D) has an effect that triggers if "Palpatine" is discarded from play. Does it trigger if Chancellor Palpatine leaves play?
A: No, it only triggers if Emperor Palpatine (D) is discarded from play.

Emperor Palpatine (E)
Pay 2 Force, pay 1 build point, and TapArrow Put a corruption counter on a unit in any arena. Play only during your build step... If all of your opponent's deployed units have corruption counters on them, they win the game.

Q: When does the win condition occur for Emperor Palpatine (E)’s special ability?
A: For resolution timing purposes, treat the win condition as a triggered effect that triggers when the win condition is met.
Q: What happens if a Pilot with a corruption counter is piloting when Emperor Palpatine (E) is discarded from play?
A: The corruption counter would remain on a Pilot if the Pilot is piloting.

Endor Shield Generator
As long as this card remains tapped, the chosen Space unit gets Shields 4.

Q: Does this add Shields 4? In other words, what if I play this ability on a unit that already has Shields 2?
A: Since Shields stack, that unit would then have Shields 6.

Ephant Mon (A)
Whenever Ephant Mon attacks, you may search your opponent's deck and hand for one Battle or Mission card and put it into his or her discard pile. Then your opponent shuffles his or her deck.

Q: Can I get a Battle and a Mission card with Ephant Mon (A)?
A: No. You can get one or the other.

Free Tatooine
You may deploy this Location to any arena.

Q: Can I have a Free Tatooine in Space and another in the Ground arena at the same time?
A: Yes.

Han Solo (K)
Each of your other Rebel Ground units and Rebel Characters gets Lucky 2

Q: Does Han Solo (K) grant himself an extra Lucky 2, since he himself is a Rebel?
A: No, the other refers to both Ground units and Characters.

Jabba's Dancers
Whenever this unit attacks, gain 1 Force.

Q: Does “gain 1 Force” trigger a second time if Jabba’s Dancers’ attack is intercepted?
A: No. The effect does not trigger on intercept.

Max Rebo Band (A)
Each of your opponent's units in the Character arena can't attack unless he or she pays 1 Force.

Q: When is Force paid in the Max Rebo Band (A) effect?
A: Your opponent must pay Force just prior to tapping and attacking with his or her unit.

Mon Mothma (A)
Your opponent can't attack Mon Mothma unless he or she pays 2 Force.

Q: What happens if Mon Mothma (A) Intercepts an attack (such as when Jabba the Hutt (C) is in play) and the Dark Side player refuses to pay the Force to attack Mon Mothma (A)?
A: If the Dark Side does not pay the Force, the Intercept does not take place, and the defender is the same as it was before the Intercept attempt.

Nien Nunb (A)
Starfighter and Transport Pilot. If Nien Nunb is the extra pilot on the Starfighter or Transport, it gets...

Q: What does "extra pilot" mean?
A: As long as Nien Nunb is piloting a unit with at least one other pilot, he’s considered an extra pilot. It doesn’t matter if Nien Nunb was moved to the unit before or after any other pilots.
Q: How do I know if Nien Numb is the “extra” pilot?
A: If there are two pilots on a starfighter or transport, and one of them is Nien Numb, then Nien Numb’s effect applies.
Q: Does the Hound’s Tooth still get Nien’s abilities?
A: Yes.

Salacious B. Crumb (A)
TapArrow Choose one of your opponent's units and one of your units in the same arena. This turn, your opponent's chosen unit gets -2 power and must attack your chosen unit.

Q: When exactly do I play this?
A: Since the ability does not have a restriction, you can play it during any PoP.
Q: What if I play this ability and I somehow retreat a unit that must be attacked?
A: Your opponent's unit could then choose any unit to attack.
Q: What if I play this in the middle of an attack? Can I make my opponent choose a new unit to attack?
A: No. If you play it in the middle of an attack, the chosen unit still gets -2 power, but it does not choose a new target for its attack. If that unit was somehow untapped and got to attack again, it would then have to attack the chosen target.

Sarlacc (A)
You may choose not to untap this unit during your untap step. TapArrow Choose one of your opponent's Characters. Play only when this unit would attack. As long as this card remains tapped, the chosen Character doesn't untap. At the start of the Character battle, put 2 damage counters on that unit.

Q: What if the targeted unit somehow untaps? Does it escape from the Sarlacc?
A: No. Once the Sarlaac becomes tapped, the targeted unit takes 2 damage at the start of each Character battle as long as Sarclacc remains tapped.
Q: What if I somehow untap the Sarlacc? Can it then tap down 2 units?
A: No. As soon as the Sarlacc untaps (whether from your normal untap step or from some other card), its effect ends.

Ewok Village
Whenever one of your Ground units would be damaged by your opponent, prevent all of that damage unless your opponent pays 1 Force.

Q: What does “damaged by your opponent” mean in the Ewok Village Location effect?
A: This refers to damage from any unit controlled by your opponent, from any ability or effect played by your opponent, or from any card (e.g., Mission or Location) played by your opponent. It does not apply to the placement of damage counters.

Jabba the Hut

Q: What happened to Jabba the Hutt (B)?
A: He will be joining us at a later date.

Wookiee Hug
Pay 3 Force Arrow Choose a Character. Prevent up to 2 damage to that unit. That unit gets: "Pay 0 Force Arrow Retaliate 3" until end of turn.

Q: When exactly can I play this?
A: Since this is a damage prevention card, it can only be played during the damage prevention PoP.
Q: But isn't that after you activate Retaliate?
A: Yes, but since the card grants Retaliate for the rest of the turn, you can Retaliate against any future attacks on that unit during that turn.

Close Quarters
Pay 3 Force Arrow Choose either the Ground or Character arena. As long as there are at least 4 units in that arena, each of your units in that arena gets +4 power and Overkill until end of turn.

Q: How exactly does this work?
A: This card checks to see if you have four units in the arena when it is played. If you do, then those units get +2 power and Overkill for the rest of the turn. Those units don’t lose those bonuses if there are fewer than 4 units in the arena later in the turn. Any units that come into play after you play Close Quarters do not get the bonus.
Q: What if I have a Hidden unit that I deploy later?
A: It misses out on the bonus. Only units that are deployed when this card is played gain the bonus.

Darth Vader (O)

Q: What does "Armor 1" mean?
A: That’s a typo. It just has Armor.

Elite Royal Guard
Treat as a Dark Jedi.

Q: How does "Treat as Dark Jedi" work exactly?
A: Essentially, it means that this card has "Dark Jedi" in its subtype line. This text is always active, even while the card is in your hand or in the discard pile.

Emperor Palpatine (C)
Pay X Force TapArrow Choose a unit in the Character arena. Emperor Palpatine does X dice of damage to that unit. This damage can only be prevented by a Jedi Master. Play only when Palpatine would attack.

Q: Can Yoda (E) use his Reserves ability to prevent damage done to another Character by Emperor Palpatine (C)’s special ability?
A: Yes.

Fly Casual
Pay 2 Force Arrow Choose a unit in the Space or Ground arena. That unit gets -20 speed and Lucky 2 until end of turn. Play only before any unit in the Space arena would attack.

Q: Can units have negative speed?
A: A unit with negative speed is considered to have speed 0 for all purposes except calculating speed value. When a unit with a negative speed value gets a speed bonus, apply all bonuses and penalties to determine the unit’s speed.

Lightsaber Throw
Pay 2 Force Arrow Choose a Character. Lightsaber Throw does 3 damage to that unit.
Enhance: Pay 4 more Force and tap an untapped Character you control Arrow Lightsaber Throw does 6 damage to that unit instead. You may discard any Location in the Character arena.

Q: If I pay the Enhance cost, can I discard one of my own Locations?
A: Yes, if you want to do that.

Surprising Strength
Pay 2 Force Arrow Choose a unit. That unit gets +4 power for this attack. Play only on a unit with power 4 or less.

Q: Can I play this on, say, an A-wing, if Admiral Ackbar (A) is in play?
A: No. This card looks at the unit’s current power, which includes all bonuses.