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Errata and Rulings: The Phantom Menace



Lucky Mechanic

Q: When exactly do you reroll the dice?
A: Lucky is a keyword with a static effect. When a player (who owns a card in play with the Lucky effect) has a chance to play dice reroll abilities (for attack dice), that player can choose whether to use this static effect after all triggered reroll effects resolve.

Example: An AT-AT Assault Group piloted by General Maximilian Veers (A) attacks Anakin's Podracer (A). After the attack dice are rolled, the Assault Group’s triggered reroll ability (granted by Veers) triggers and resolves, allowing the Dark Side player to reroll the dice. Then the normal “play or pass” chance occurs, when players can play effects that reroll dice. The Dark Side player chooses first. When the Light Side player gets a chance to play or pass, the Light Side player can then use the Lucky ability from Anakin’s Podracer to reroll a die.

Other applicable effects or Battle cards (e.g., Shoot Her or Something, Second Effort, Cheat the Game) can also be played during the dice reroll play or pass sequence, either before or after Lucky is played. Lucky is simply one more dice reroll option that can be played. If both players pass in a row, the dice reroll chance ends, and any unused Lucky effects are lost for that attack.
Q: Does the dice reroll ability for Jar Jar Binks (A) resolve like the Lucky effect on Jar Jar Binks (B)?
A: No. The Jar Jar (A) dice reroll ability is triggered, and it resolves with triggered effects. That triggered effect occurs before the chance to play dice reroll abilities and Battle cards.
Q: Suppose I have a power 2 unit with Lucky 2. If I roll one hit and one miss, do I need to reroll both dice? Can I just reroll 1?
A: You would have to reroll both dice.
Q: What if a Light Side unit with power 3 and Lucky 3 attacks a Dark Side unit with Lucky 2?
A: Each player has the opportunity to play Lucky effects during the dice reroll play or pass chance. The Dark Side player can use the Lucky 2 effect first, rerolling 2 dice; then the Light Side player can use Lucky 3, rerolling 3 dice.

As an alternative, Dark Side could pass and see what Light Side does. If Light Side plays Lucky 3 and rerolls, then Dark Side could respond with Lucky 2 and reroll two dice. If Light Side passes after Dark Side passes, however, the chance to play reroll effects ends, and neither Lucky effect can be played.

Aurra Sing (C)
Whenever Aurra damages a unit and that unit is discarded, put the top card of your deck face down under Aurra. She gets +10 speed, +1 power, and +1 health for each face down card under her.

Q: Do facedown cards also add to the value of Aurra’s build cost?
A: No, since they don’t count as part of the “stack.”
Q: What happens if Aurra winds up on the Light Side with cards stacked underneath her? Do the cards go with her? If the Light Side player controls Aurra, can the Light Side player use that ability and put cards underneath her?
A: Yes. Face down cards stay with her.
Q: What happens if Aurra is returned to your hand?
A: The face down cards remain set aside (i.e., out of play) until the game ends.
Q: What happens if a different version of Aurra is rotated to the top? Does she still get the bonuses?
A: No, the bonus would no longer apply. However, the face down units would stay with her, and they would apply again if Aurra (C) was put back on top.
Q: Do these bonuses work in the build zone?
A: No.

Boss Nass (A)
Each of your other Gungan units costs 1 less build point to deploy and each gets +1 power.

Q: Does Boss Nass make himself cost less? Does this ability give Boss Nass +1 power?
A: Since this ability refers to “other” Gungan units, Boss Nass doesn’t cost less and doesn’t get +1 from this ability.

When you deploy this unit, you may search your deck for a Trade Federation MTT card, a Trade Federation AAT card, and a Trade Federation STAP card. Show those cards to your opponent and put them into your hand. Then shuffle your deck.

Q: What happens if you don’t have all 3 of the units (MTT, AAT, STAP) needed? If I don’t have any MTT left in my deck, can I still search for an ATT and STAP?
A: Yes.

Darth Maul (F)
Pay 2 Force Arrow Deploy Maul to the Character arena. Play this ability only if this unit has at least 5 build counters on it. At the end of the Character battle step, retreat Maul.

Q: Is this Maul a “unit” while he is being built?
A: No, until he is deployed, he is just a “card.” The second sentence should begin with “Play this ability only if Maul has...”

Duel of the Fates
This turn, at the end of each Space battle step, if neither player controls the Space arena, untap all units in the Space arena. There is another Space battle step. Do the same for the Ground and Character arenas.

Q: What happens if there are no units in an arena?
A: If both players agree that no one can win that arena this turn, skip that arena.
Q: What happens if no damage can be dealt in an arena (e.g., someone played Discuss It in Committee or Peace on Naboo)?
A: If it is clear that no one can win that arena this turn, skip that arena.
Q: Do I have to untap units that I choose to remain tapped (such as Mynocks)?
A: Yes. You have to untap all units, unless an effect says the unit “can’t” untap (since “can’t” beats “can”). In situations where one tapped unit is holding another unit tapped because the first unit is tapped (e.g., Space Slug {RaS}), both units untap.

Fight on All Fronts
Play this card only if you have units in all 3 arenas.
Pay 3 Force Arrow Choose a unit in each arena. Each of those units gets +2 power and Critical Hit 1 until end of turn.
Enhance: Pay 3 more Force Arrow Each of those units gets +4 power and Critical Hit 2 until end of turn instead.

Q: Do Asteroid cards or Spirit cards satisfy this card’s requirements?
A: Yes. While those units don’t count toward controlling the arena, they do count toward the requirements to play this card.
Q: Do I need more than one unit in each arena?
A: You only need one unit in each arena.

In Disguise
Pay 3 Force, Discard one of your Characters from the Character arena Arrow You may put a Character card with build cost equal to or less than the discarded Character from your hand into the Character arena. Put damage counters on the new unit equal to the number of damage counters that were on the discarded unit.

Q: What happens if the new character is unique and I already have that unique character in play?
A: Play the unit and place damage counters. The new unit is then discarded from play (ESB rulebook, p. 40). The discard is “due to” the duplicate discard rule, NOT “due to” lethal damage (should lethal damage exist when it’s discarded). Any events that trigger on placement of damage counters trigger normally. Any events that trigger when the unit is discarded trigger normally, provided all other trigger conditions are met. Static effects based on “Would be damaged” and “Would be damaged and discarded” are ignored.

Jar Jar Binks (B)
Lucky 3 (Each attack, you may reroll 3 of this unit’s attack dice or have your opponent reroll 3 attack dice against it.)

Q: What does “Lucky 3” mean when Jar Jar has 2 power? If I miss twice, and reroll his 2 dice, do I get to reroll one of the dice again?
A: No. His Lucky 3 is there in case his power is boosted somehow (for instance, when he’s in a stack). Also, his Lucky 3 works on incoming attacks.

Jedi Temple
Each Jedi costs 1 less build point to deploy.
A Jedi Character can have more than 4 cards in its stack.

Q: Does my opponent gain these benefits as well?
A: Yes.
Q: What happens if I build up a stack with 5 Jedi units, but then this Location is discarded?
A: The stack can remain 5 high, but you can no longer add to it. This Location basically turns off the “a stack can have at most 4 cards in it” rule. When this Location goes away, there is nothing in the rules that states what should happen to a unit with more than 4 cards in its stack, so those cards remain as is.

Negotiate the Peace
Return to your hand any number of Light units in one arena whose total build cost is 7 or less. Choose any number of your opponent’s Dark Side units in the same arena. Return those units to your opponent’s hand if their total build cost is equal to or less than the total build cost of your returned units.

Q: Does the “total build cost” apply to each individual unit, or does it apply to the sum of all the units returned to your hand?
A: The latter. “Total build cost” is the sum of all units returned to your hand.
Q: What about stacked units?
A: The build cost is the cost of the stack, not the cost of individual cards in the stack.

Nute Gunray (A)
Each of your other Trade Federation units costs 1 less build point to deploy and each gets “Pay 0 Force Arrow Intercept.”

Q: Which Trade Federation units get the “Pay 0 Force” ability? Does this affect all of them in play, or just ones that were deployed for 1 less because of Nute?
A: All of them get both abilities.

Orn Free Taa (A)
Tap, Pay 1 build point Arrow Choose one of your opponent’s units. Tap that unit. Play only during your build step.
Whenever a unit attacks Orn, prevent all damage that unit would do to Orn this turn unless your opponent taps one of his or her untapped Characters.

Q: Does Orn’s damage prevention ability work all the time, or only if you activated his tapping ability?
A: Treat Orn as though there is a line break after “during your build step.” His ability works all the time.

Podracing Course
At the end of the Ground battle step, if there are more than 2 units in the Ground arena, discard the unit with the lowest speed. If 2 or more units are tied for lowest speed, you choose which unit is discarded.

Q: Does this effect care about the unit’s base speed, or does it count modifiers like Battle cards that may have been played?
A: It looks at the unit’s current speed, and so it includes any “until end of turn” modifiers.
Q: What happens if Snowtrooper Elite Squad is the unit with the slowest speed while Vader is in Character arena?
A: The Elite Squad replacement effect would replace the discard; the Squad would retreat and have all damage removed.

Quinlan Vos (A)
At the start of the Character battle step, set aside the top 3 cards of your deck face down. You may look at them at any time and play any Battle card set aside this way as though it’s in your hand. Put any cards that remain set aside this way on the bottom of your deck at the end of your Character battle step.

Q: Can I use those cards to satisfy any other requirements or pay some other cost?
A: No. “As though it were in your hand” does not mean “in your hand.”
Q: When I put them on the bottom of my deck, what order do I put them in?
A: Whatever order you choose.

Sando Aqua Monster
Tap Choose a unit in the Ground arena with health 4 or less and set it aside. Play only when this unit would attack. When this unit is discarded from the Ground arena, return units set aside in this way to the Ground arena tapped.

Q: What happens if the Sando is returned to your hand and not discarded, or if it’s discarded from the build zone instead of the Ground arena?
A: In those situations, the set aside units would remain set aside for the rest of the game.
Q: What exactly does "set aside" mean?
A: It means that the unit is removed from the game. Units that are removed from the game can’t be targeted, tapped to pay costs, etc. If a unique unit is removed from the game, another copy of that unique card can then be played. If the unique unit returns to play, follow the normal unique rules (ESB rulebook, p. 40).
Q: What happens to a Pilot on a unit that’s been set aside?
A: It goes with the unit it’s piloting. If the unit comes back into play, the Pilot comes back with it.

Sith Infiltrator (B)
Pay 1 Force Arrow Evade 1
When you deploy this unit, you may choose a Ground or Space Location in play. Discard that Location.

Q: Does the triggered effect trigger if Sith Infiltrator (B) is deployed under Sith Infiltrator (A)?
A: No, if you are playing into a stack, deployment triggers only work when you deploy to the top of that stack.
Q: If Sith Infiltrator (A) is on top of a stack and is discarded, and owner pays the 2 Force to return to hand, does Sith Infiltrator (B) also come back to hand?
A: No. Unless the card says otherwise (like Vader's TIE Fighter (A)), only the top card comes back.

Walking Droid Starfighter
Pay 3 Force Arrow Put this unit into the Space arena. As long as this unit is in the Space arena, treat it as a Space unit. Play only during the Space battle step and only if no unit has attacked.

Q: Can you deploy this unit directly to the Space arena?
A: No.
Q: Can you use this ability while this card is in your hand?
A: No. Abilities on a card do not work while it is in your hand (unless the card says otherwise, of course). Also remember that activated abilities only work when the unit is in the arena. This unit must be in the Ground arena to activate the ability.
Q: What does “only if no unit has attacked” mean?
A: It should read “only if no unit has attacked this turn.”

Captain Panaka (A)
Each of your Naboo units gets Stun 2 and “Pay 0 Force Arrow Retaliate 2.”

Q: Does Panaka’s ability work on himself?
A: Since this is a Naboo unit, yes, it does.

Captain Tarpals (A)
Each of your Gungan units gets Accuracy 1.

Q: Does Tarpals give himself Accuracy 1?
A: Yes.

Let the Cube Decide
Pay 2 Force Arrow Choose a unit and roll a die. Until end of turn, that unit gets: 1) +2 power; 2) Accuracy 1; 3) +20 speed; 4) Stun 4; 5) Critical Hit 2. If you roll a 6, that unit gets all 5 effects.

Q: When can I play this?
A: During any chance to play activated abilities and Battle cards (Steps (1), (6), or (13), pg. 47, ESB Rulebook).

Rune Haako (A)
TapArrow Draw 2 cards, then discard 2 cards from your hand unless you discard a Trade Federation card from your hand.

Q: What defines a “Trade Federation” card?
A: It’s a card with the words “Trade Federation” in its subtype line.
Q: If I want to discard two cards with Rune Haako, and one of them is a Trade Federation card, can I still discard two cards?
A: Yes.

Vilmarh Grahrk (A)
As long as you have a Light Jedi in the Character arena, Vilmarh gets Lucky 3. (Each attack, you may reroll 3 of this unit’s attack dice or have your opponent reroll 3 attack dice against it.)
When the roll for build points is made, roll a die. If that roll is equal to the build roll, lose 1 build point. Otherwise, gain 1 build point.

Q: What happens if I am playing in a SW:TCG tournament and time is called? Does Vilmarh’s ability work in overtime?
A: (From Ask Wizards, April 22nd.) If you look at the Floor Rules, you’ll see that once time is called, you continue to play as normal, except that you no longer gain Force, draw cards, or roll for build points at the start of each turn. This also means that you do not gain +1 build for having cards in all three arenas.

However, there are several units that you can still use in your build step to gain build points, such as San Hill (A). Also, while cards that trigger off the build roll—such as Princess Leia (G), Yoda's Hut, and now Vilmarh Grahrk—will still trigger, cards that ask you to reroll or modify the build roll—such as Cloud City Landing Platform—will not work.

A Bigger Fish
Pay 3 Force Arrow One of your units that is attacking a unit with a lower total build cost gets Accuracy 1 and Overkill for this attack.

Q: When do I play this?
A: This card is played during the chance to play activated abilities and Battle cards that occurs after the attacker is tapped and the defender declared (Step (6), pg. 47, ESB Rulebook).
Q: What if my opponent has a unit intercept the attack after I have played this card?
A: The attacking unit would still get the bonus.

Blockade {TPM}
Cards can't move from the build zone to any arena this turn. Units can’t retreat this turn. Battle cards can’t be played this turn.

Q: Isn’t there a card called Blockade already?
A: Yes. Treat this as a different card, even though it has the same name.
Q: What does: "Cards can't be moved from the build zone to any arena this turn," mean?
A: If the card or unit is in the build zone, or moves through the build zone, it cannot be moved to the arena this turn. This applies to unit cards and Location cards. It does not apply to Mission cards. Deployment directly from hand to arena is allowed if the deployment is free.
Q: Can I deploy units before Blockade is completed?
A: Yes.

Darth Sidious (D)
Character — Sith Lord
Each of your opponent’s activated abilities that cost 0 or more Force costs 2 more Force to play.

Q: Does Sidious’ ability affect activated abilities that don’t have a Force cost?
A: No.
Q: How does Sidious’ ability interact with Nexu?
A: An activated ability that normally has no Force cost is not affected by Sidious. However, Nexu increases the cost of each activated ability by 1 Force, thereby meeting Sidious’ Force cost condition. If an ability did not normally cost Force, having Nexu and Sidious (D) would result in a cost of 3 Force. Thus, Nexu and Sidious (D) work very well together.
Q: What if Sidious, Nexu, and Obi Wan's Spirit (A) are all in play?
A: Obi Wan’s Spirit cannot reduce a Force cost below 1. If Nexu and Obi Wan’s Spirit are both in play, an activated ability that normally costs no Force would cost 1 Force. If Sidious is also in play, this cost would increase to 3 Force, less 1 for Obi Wan’s Spirit, leaving a net cost of 2 Force.
Q: Is this Sidious a Jedi?
A: Nope, not this one.

At the end of the Ground battle step, the player who controls the Ground unit with the highest speed gains 4 Force and draws 2 cards.

Q: Does this include temporary bonuses that come from Battle cards or other effects?
A: Yes, those bonuses should be included.