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Feature Article
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Cards of the Week

Luke Skywalker (I)
Empire Strikes Back, Uncommon – The Force is strong with this one. This is the Luke Skywalker that you all have been waiting for. Only Requiring a mere six points to build, Luke’s Speed, Power, and Health are well costed. One of the best things about this Luke is his Evade ability. Being able to use Yoda’s Training to have a First turn complete Luke stack is huge by itself, however I recommend including Yoda (G) for an even better Evade ability. Imagine having a First turn Luke Stack with 90 Speed, 9 Power, 8 Health, and pay 2 Force, Evade 4. If this is the Luke Padawan, I can’t wait to see what he can do as a Full-fledged Jedi!

Han’s Promise (Mission)
Empire Strikes Back, Common – This card is huge! While it won’t have much of a benefit late game, it is amazing in the early game. Imagine getting a First Turn Mace (A) or Yoda (D) for only three build. The trick is to play with Units that allow you to sift through your deck (like Jawa Sandcrawlers). Average build for a turn is three (Just enough to complete this mission), so all you need to do is sift a couple of cards (discarding a character), and then complete Han’s Promise. The best thing about this card is its potential for surprise. The Darkside has to build all of its units first and most likely won’t want to discard one of their best Characters, and even if they do discard a character, you still control the situation. Game one, take them by surprise by building a high costed character for only three, and game two just let them discard one of their best characters and never complete the mission. In either situation the card is great, and I’m sure that it will see tournament play in some decks.

Leia’s Warning (Battle)
Empire Strikes Back, Uncommon – There has been a lot of talk about the Tusken swarm decks, and I believe that if they start to surface a viable tournament deck this card will put a stop to all the conversation. The Lightside has always had the strong ability to draw numerous cards, allowing them find the battle cards that they need to seal the Darkside’s demise. Leia’s Warning is a great counter to Darkside swarm decks that attempt to take the Character arena by running their opponent out of Force, and prevent them from activating Evade abilities. This card will allow the Lightside to player to destroy a “weenie” Unit every turn while sustaining minimal damage in the process. I believe that Leia’s Warning won’t be a card that every Lightside player looks at and immediately puts into their deck, however if Darkside “swarm” decks start popping up at your local Jedi Knight’s Leagues you may want to take a second look at this card.