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Feature Article
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Let's Battle!

How many times have you elite players out there desperately wished that your Yoda (C) could force lightning more than once in one turn? How many of you have played cards like Clever Escape to help him have another chance? Too Force intensive? I introduce to you Don't Get All Mushy. Have a Rebel Trooper down to protect Yoda (C)? Now you can make sparks fly from that Rebel Trooper's fingers as he does 4 damage to a Dark Side Character. There are some great evade abilities that can take advantage of this card as well, like if you thought Luke Skywalker (I)'s evade was good, just wait till you give it to Han Solo (B). For a very unlimiting 2 Force, Don't Get All Mushy might just be the card many Light Side fans have been waiting for.

But let's not forget about Disrupt. This brings us to our next card, Change In Destiny. Is canceling someone's Battle card worth 4 Force? The answer is yes! Cards like Sacrafice and Darth Vader (G) all have drawbacks. Both are great cards but Darth Vader (G)'s disrupt ability can be canceled by the opponent spending 2 Force and Sacrafice has the cost of making you discard a unit. Each turn you gain 4 Force so the ability to play Change in Destiny will always be there, if you are willing to spend the Force on it. How many times have you used Dark Speed and the opponent answered with Windu's Solution? Can't let them get that first attack off so Change their Destiny! Roll a perfect dice amount to destroy one of their most deadly units and they play Jedi Knight's Survival? Change in Destiny! But just remember, since this card is neutral, someone can always Change in Destiny you right back.

Love Critical Hit? Somehow do you always manage to roll a 6 whenever you have a critical unit? Do you like to press your luck? Or, are you like me, who would play this card to remember the scene from Empire Stikes Back where C3-PO rattles off one of his most memorable lines? 3720 to 1 is one of those cards that people who love odds will hate but people who love to gamble can't get enough of. It has no Force costs, can be played on any unit, and is Neutral so can be in any deck. While I had a lot of fun playing Trust Your Feelings, 3720 to 1 just might replace that fun factor for me. Some people have complained about the use of dice in this game but I think cards like 3720 to 1 let you sit back and have some fun with those dice. If it doesn't roll a natural 6 you're out nothing but a card slot in your deck, but, if it does, you've got one fast unit with a mighty big power boost at that. If you're looking for a fun way to play a deck, adding in four of these would certainly make for an interesting time. A free power and speed bonus Battle card in a Tusken theme deck? Look out!

Let's take a look at another new ability, enhance. Strange Lodgings is one of those cards that just might work more than it should. Its cheap prevention is right up there with Moment of Truth (without Mace Windu in the Character arena), yet, it also fits right between Yoda's Intervention and High Force Dodge for expensive evading. Is paying 4 to Evade 4 that great compared to Jedi Knight's Survial's ability to pay 5 to prevent all damage? Yes, because Jedi Knight's Survival only prevents damage from another unit whereas Strange Lodgings prevents damage done period. If you've got a solid deck using High Force Dodge, Strage Lodgings is an easy recommendation to replace it with. If you really like Moment of Truth but don't like having to rely on Mace Windu to be in the Character arena, I would also recommend the prevention of Strange Lodgings. Paying 1 to prevent 1 is great, but if a unit rolls surprisingly well against a unit you intended to keep alive, having that enhance ability at your fingertips sure could help.

While Battle cards are going to win most wars once Empire Strikes Back releases, you're also going to need some help with units. Disappointed that Wedge didn't have a matching starfighter in A New Hope? You don't have to wait any longer, his new ride is here. Not quite sure how to take down the Dark Side's deployment of the newest and toughest Walkers? Walkers seeming more powerful than the almighty Trade Federation Control Core? Bring on Wedge's Snowspeeder! This unit has a high build of 6 for a low power and low health of 3, but man it can pack a punch. The Wedge Antillies pilot from A New Hope seemed destinied to rule the Space arena on his own. But now with Wedge's Snowspeder, you're looking at your ground units putting up the good fight. As long as Wedge's Snowspeeder can put one damage on a ground unit that you're attacking, each and every one of your ground units can't miss when attacking the unit Wedge attacked. On top of that he's a speed 60! Play him and some cheap Luxury Airspeeders and you've got amazingly fast units, and as long as Wedge's Snowspeeder hit a unit, your Luxurys can't miss. Missed with Wedge? It's okay, the unit is a subtype speeder which means Power Dive will fit in to your deck perfectly. And did I mention the speeder is also a Rebel? Take that Krayt Dragon!

Next up is the best little starfighter I've ever seen. If you Dark Side players thought the OS-72-8 was good, look out for the Y-wing Gold Six. Ouch! Gold Six's build is right on with most starfighters out there for the Light Side. His power 3 and health of 2 even matches the famous X-wing Red Ten from Battle of Yavin. His speed is only 40, but, adding armor makes him harder to hit. That's right, this Gold Six with a build of 3 has armor! Even with a speed 40, if you can think of a better addition to a Rebel deck, you let me know! This guy further proves that even competitive players can play something besides Jedis. Throw on a Rebel Pilot from A New Hope or even Luke Skywalker (E) and you've got a starfigher that's not planning on leaving the Space arena any time soon. Big fan of Starfighter's End? With a cheap build, decent speed, and worthy of staying alive, Y-wing Gold Six may truely be GOLD!