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Feature Article
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You Make The Card - Step 1

Time to Cast Your Vote

Part of the excitement in playing a trading card game is that new cards are always on the horizon. There are always new abilities and new characters to look forward to and someone is always coming up with something creative to build new game features around. Arguably one of the best jobs here at Wizards is working on the R&D team that helps create these new and exciting cards. Well, now we'd like to offer you that job!

For the first time in the history of the Star Wars TCG you will have the chance to help create a card that will appear in the upcoming November expansion, The Empire Strikes Back.

Starting this week and in the weeks to come, your voice will be counted and heard as the Star Wars design team works on the cards that are going to appear in that expansion. Specifically, your decisions will help create a card that will appear in that set where the final card is a compilation of your collective input.

That leads us to the first step in the process... selecting a card type. Before we can go down any road towards creating a card, we have to know what kind of card you want to create. As we mentioned last week, the card type you select will have a huge impact on what comes next. Should you create a Character or a Battle Card? Looking at the movie and all of the things that get introduced, what among all of that do you want to get your hands on creating?

We'll tally your votes and announce next week what you've decided and go from there.

So join us each week as You Make The Card!

You Make The Card - Step One

What type of card do you want to make? Your options are limited to the card types currently available in the game:

  • Space
  • Ground
  • Character
  • Mission
  • Battle
  • Keep in mind that you are designing a card based on the movie The Empire Strikes Back, so for example, if you select Character as your card type, you're going to be limited to creating a character as they appeared in that film.

    When you're ready to get started... Register HERE - Vote HERE

    Voting for Step One ends midnight Tuesday, Jan 21st. We will post the results the following day along with Step Two.

    We're very glad that you've joined us for this fun and exciting process and we look forward to seeing what kind of card you cook up!