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Feature Article
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You Make The Card - Step 3

Time to Cast Your Vote

In what was one of the closest polls we've ever had to recount, the Dark side barely nudged out Neutral to make it to round 3 of You Make The Card. So now that we have started down this path, forever will it dominate the card's destiny!

In a way, it is very fitting that the Dark side is the character card we will build for the Empire Strikes Back because this movie represents the true power of the Dark side. When we started looking at the characters in the movie and their significance with the events that took place, we started to narrow down our list to the main Dark side characters we can really have fun with. The list below represents the cast from which we are allowed to choose for this set but offers a wide variety of card ideas.

Obviously Vader is a natural choice as this is his moment to shine. Piett and Veers both have strong roles in commanding the forces of the Empire. The probot is a key tool at hunting down the Light side while the snowtroopers were highly trained assault specialists. The most intriguing option is Mara Jade who would soon accept the assignment of hunting down Luke Skywalker.

Once you've come to a decision on who you want to see made into a card, then cast your vote and we'll start tracking. We'll tally your votes and announce next week what you've decided and go from there.

Keep in mind that with some of the basic decisions now behind us, the voting is going to get a little more intense. So we're going to be taking a little bit of time between polls to make sure that we can incorporate the card design with the upcoming set.

Join us each week and we'll keep you up to date on the prograss as You Make The Card!

The Card Thus Far

You Make The Card - Step Three

Vote for the dark side character you want the card to be:

Note! The images shown are for voting purposes only taken from the databank and are not representative of the pic that will appear on the card. (you'll help decide what picture will appear later!)

Admiral Piett
Piett was a loyal Imperial officer aboard Darth Vader's flagship during the Hoth campaign. As an attentive Captain he was more creatively minded than his by-the-manual superior, Admiral Ozzel. After Ozzel committed a fatal mistake, Darth Vader promoted Piett to Admiral in his place. More info at
Darth Vader
Three years after the destruction of the Death Star, Vader led an elite squadron of Star Destroyers to seek out and capture the Rebels responsible for the Death Star's demise. Eventually, Vader tracked the Rebels down to the ice-world of Hoth. There, he launched a ground attack destroying the base. More info at
General Veers
The quintessential Imperial soldier, He is a stern and polished military man completely loyal to the New Order. Veers commanded the ground forces attached to Lord Vader's elite Imperial Death Squadron responsible for knocking out the Rebel shield generator on Hoth. More info at
Mara Jade
Once known as the Emperor's Hand -- a highly skilled assassin and operative who could hear Emperor Palpatine's bidding from across the galaxy. Trained since childhood and honed into a weapon, Mara learned self-sufficiency, piloting, marksmanship and talents in the Force while serving her dark master. More info from
Specially designed for deep space exploration, and reconnaissance, probe droids are employed in science and military applications. They gather data and transmit it to their masters over vast distances. More info at
A specially-trained division of stormtrooper infantry, the snowtroopers wear customized armor well suited to the climate extremes of ice planets such as Hoth. In addition to the hard white armor, their suit incorporates fabric overgarments that help contain heat, and terrain-gripping boots to combat slippery conditions. More info at

Keep in mind that you are designing a character card based on a character from the movie The Empire Strikes Back, so for example, if you select Darth Vader as your character, you'll be creating a version of Vader as he was seen at some point in that film.

When you're ready to get started... Register HERE - Vote HERE

Voting for Step Three ends midnight Tuesday, Feb 11th. We will post the results the following day.

We're very glad that you've joined us for this fun and exciting process and we look forward to seeing what kind of card you cook up!